Random Tuesday

Nothing of real importance here today, just some random thoughts running through my mind:
  • Some favorite Christmas songs right:
  • The boys' school Christmas program is tonight and let's just say that I am excited.  They are dressing as shepherds and are seriously cute!
  • This week is shaping up to be super busy with Christmas programs and parties, doctor's appointments, tests, and Toys for Tots on Saturday.....and did you know that even during busy weeks, your family has to eat and have clean clothes?
  • One of my favorite names for God for a long time has been Emmanuel (God with us) and I have been thinking over that a lot these days as I drive and listen to Christmas music.  If we could just really understand what "God with us" means for us and let that soak in each day, I am thinking life starts to look a bit better.
  • Over the weekend, the boys were watching a Scooby Doo episode and I walked in and Xavier looks at me and says (with his head cocked to the side and out of the side of his mouth), "they just said the 's' word"....  Me: "what's that?"...  X:  "they said 'stu' and then 'pid' after that" ....it kind of cracked me up!
  • Some dear friends from church lost their infant son this year and they are asking for help 'filling' Isaac's stocking. They have had such a testimony of trusting and resting in God in the midst of incredible heartbreak. Here is a link the blog post where she talks about how they want to honor Isaac this Christmas.  I want our family to participate and am pondering just the right ways to do it.
  • My sister heads back to chemo today after a couple of weeks off.  I am thinking about her alot and praying that this round will be gentle on her body.
I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of my little shepherds!


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