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I spent some time going through and editing a few pictures from this weekend.  We have seriously crazy weather here in Oklahoma.  It literally doesn't seem like it can make up its mind whether we are having winter weather or warm weather.  On Saturday, the early morning temperatures were frigid and by Sunday afternoon, it was seventy.  And it has been teeter tottering like that for the last several weeks. I can't complain too much because it has given us opportunities to play outside and go 'scootering' in the words of the boys.  Anyway, I thought I would share a couple of pictures:

As always, there are lots of things that I want to critique on this one, but I love the look on William's face and I kind of like that you can see my shadow taking their picture.  They had SO much fun riding their scooters and have finally learned how to balance and ride on them rather than just kick their legs and propel themselves with seemingly reckless force.

While there were a few trips down the sidewalk like this one, the majority of the afternoon was spent 'slingshotting' (this was the term they used) on the actual driveway, kind of like going in an ever decreasing circle.  I kind of felt like it was short track speed skating on scooters.  I wonder if that will ever be an Olympic sport?

Xavier was doing something that earned him a little 'time out' and I completely bribed him that if he smiled for a picture, I might let him up a minute early.  Still haven't decided if that was the best parenting decision, but it completely paid off with this picture:

Of course, this is quickly becoming his favorite face to make when I say I want to take his picture:

One day, I am going to do a post filled with the MANY photos I have of him just like this.

(side note: yes, I know that their hair is desperately in need of a hair cut.  Also, they had taken a nap and Xavier always has wicked bed head.  And it was really windy.)

I actually have lots of thoughts from this weekend, but not quite sure I have it in me to type it out.  I made a visit to see a friend who is in the end stages of cancer.  My heart breaks for her, for her family, for any one who is facing cancer, whose loved one is facing is a tightrope of knowing how to pray, to always ask and believe that God can heal and when do you come to the point that you recognize that healing (as we are asking for) is not going to happen...ultimate healing? oh yes, there will be that...but there is still heartbreaking grief on this side of heaven.  She and her family have just filled my thoughts and prayers since Saturday, even more than they already had.  Praying for peace and comfort and continuing to ask for a miracle of miracles, because is I believe anything of my God, it is that He is able, and as her sister said to me as we said goodbye, "He is mighty to save."


Vicky said…
I don't know how one post can have me grinning from ear to ear, (love the bed head!) and leave me in tears. I have two blogging friends- one in her end stages very suddenly, and the other going through some heart wrenching set backs. Thank goodness for brave souls such as yours, who go and visit and pray and give comfort. I know it has to be so very difficult, but thank you for walking through the hard with your friend and keeping her in your prayers.

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