Happy New Year

We started the year off by heading to church where it was packed and where there was also a very sweet spirit.  The boys (all three of them) spent a majority of the afternoon enjoying the new Wii--I have attempted a few games with them, but honestly my skill level on video games is FAR below my boys and that is saying something.  I am not sure which of the three is the most excited about having a game system.  We went to my in-laws house for an impromptu dinner and then the adults watched Sherlock Holmes downstairs while the boys watched Veggie Tales upstairs. 

It was a nice quiet way to start the year.  We are going to enjoy one more fun day tomorrow as a family before real life kicks into high gear on Tuesday when Micah heads back to work.  This year will, I am sure, bring lots of challenges as he spends the year on rotations--several of which will be out of town.  But at the end of this year, he will only have a couple of rotations before he is finished with medical school--how crazy is that? 

Thought I would share a couple more photos from our little family photo shoot yesterday (ignore the fact that the wall is a different color blue in the two photos and that the boys aren't quite crisp in the first one, I still decided it was a cute picture!) as well as some scrapping I have gotten done.  I am trying to actually scrap our Christmas pictures before next year, because I am never going to catch up at the rate that I am going. Oh, and I am tacking on the final install of Project 365 for 2011...so prepare for image overload!


LaCombe said…
Continued Prayers for you and your family in 2012 and many many Blessings!
You look great and what beautiful pictures of your family! Love, Kathy

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