Happy Sixth Birthday

I can hardly believe that my little bitty babies

 are now six years old!  

I had grand plans for lots of fun stuff today, but last night as I was going to bed, I heard a peculiar cough coming from their room and walked in to Xavier sitting up (on the top bunk) literally losing his dinner.  Yeah, fun times.  After we got him down and his bed cleaned up, he spent the rest of the night in our room and he and I were up and down many more times over the next several hours.  Needless to say, we have spent the day at home (I kept William home as well, because no one really wants the sick kid's brother at school to share the germs), cuddled up on the couch and chair watching Planet Earth and National Geographic interspersed with a few games on the Wii.  At the moment, I am trying to summon up the wherewithal to go and cook dinner.  I am hoping desperately that the rest of us don't catch his bug, but my stomach is not feeling so awesome. 

I did video little interviews with each of them this afternoon and will hopefully post them tomorrow.  Right now, here are some fun observations that I have about my sweet little boys.
  • they love nature programs on television and will often choose Planet Earth or any number of National Geographic shows on Netflix over cartoons
  • they are LOVING the Wii
  • they can be the slowest eaters on the face of the planet...unless there is something happening after dinner that they really want to get to
  • they are SILLY and they find words like undies, underwear, diaper completely hysterical
  • Xavier likes PB&J, William prefers PB (no J)
  • they both like ketchup on their ham and cheese sandwiches, Xavier likes to add mustard too (I find both combinations disgusting)
  • they LOVE to sing, although truth be told, Xavier probably loves to sing more, while William really likes to dance
  • they are both very expressive with their words and motions
  • Xavier's favorite spot to sit is next to me in the recliner, William prefers to lay on the couch
  • Xavier is such a pleaser, while William is more of his own person and doesn't always care what others think.  As a result, Xavier is doing awesome in learning to read.  William is doing well, but he would much prefer to let Xavier read to him.
  • Their teacher tells me that they are both very independent at school, but that she loves to see how they always come back together and are the best of friends.
Happy Birthday, sweet boys, I can't wait to see what the next year holds!


Annette said…
Love it! Happy Birthday to your sweet boys.
LaCombe said…
Six Sweet Blessed years with two of the cutest,sweetest boys ever! Happy Birthday to them both! Sorry they are sick and praying they will enjoy their day with mommy! Love and Prayers, Kathy
Monica said…
LOL! You mean you haven't tried their ketchup on ham & cheese sandwiches? (fyi: Neither have I, nor intend to!)
Hope everyone is feeling well soon!
Christine said…
Sending lots of birthday *and* get well wishes your way!!!

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