Multitude on Mondays

I am still counting gifts, although I confess to some days being better about it than others. There is a handy little app for it now, but I still find that I want to write them down in my notebook.  After carrying it with me for over a year now, I find it is kind of like an old friend and as much as I love technology, I also love having something that I can physically hold in my hands.

  • a new year and the hope for what it holds
  • sweet, sweet spirit in church (this got written down in various forms for the last several weeks)
  • powerful reminders of how Jesus is the story of the Bible and how we each desperately need Him
  • prayers for baby Addison to grow up to be a Christian
  • morning phone calls from Micah
  • sweet emails, calls, texts, facebook messages from friends who are rejoicing with us in good news
  • boys' excitement over learning to read
  • our new worship pastor
  • that he and his wife are our friends from college
  • sharing our love of Penzeys
  • He is our shield (I keep reading this over and over in my Bible readings and it brings such comfort to my heart)

My sister Elizabeth sent me this photo of Addison yesterday and I think it helps illustrate just how tiny my sweet little niece is:

The good news is that she seems to be doing really well.  Just trying to gain weight keep growing.

The boys turn six tomorrow--how is that even possible?  They are so excited about their birthday this year.  Well, they are actually just excited about life in general, but since tomorrow is their birthday, I am going to blame it on that.  They have started bringing home 'readers' from school each day and they are SO excited to read and show me their progress each day.  It is so sweet to hear them read, but seems a bit surreal, it doesn't seem like they should be old enough to read.  

As part of my New Year's resolutions, I am determined to get caught up on scrapping.  Seriously, there is no way to go back and actually scrap every cute photo I have of the boys.  And since I didn't start scrapping until they were almost two years old, there is a lot that is not going to get done.  So, I am trying to just go through and do monthly recaps from their first year.  I have managed to get two pages done in the last week and I am counting that a success when I consider that I probably went through 800-900 photos and culled them down to these two month in review pages. 


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