The last two days we have had such nice weather that as soon as we get home from school, we have dropped everything and the boys and I have gone for a walk.  I have decided that if we can make it a habit, it could quickly become a favorite thing of mine. It is just nice, it gets us away from the house and all the 'technology' that likes to call all of our names, it expends energy--they do a lot of running, going ahead on their scooters, and gives us a chance to talk about their day.  Today, we decided to leave the scooters at home and I have to admit that I loved having them walk down the sidewalk with their little hands tucked into mine and hearing their chatter.  At one point, they walked ahead of me and completely on their own, they start holding hands as they walk down the sidewalk talking away to each other.  I tried to take some pictures because my fear is that someday in the not too distant future, they are not going to just naturally grab the other's hand.

And then a few pictures of William since Xavier got center stage yesterday:

this second one needs some editing help, but it is late and I am not sure what to do, but I still kind of love it because you can see his freckles.   And I know I am his mommy,  but I think those blue eyes are going to break all kinds of hearts one day. 

Also, thought I would add on here my layout from last week:


Christine said…
The picture of them holding hands made me swoon a little. You have been getting some fabulous shots lately!!

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