Wednesday's Words

I am thinking that this post is way over due and I was only able to remember the things from the last couple of days.  I really need to be more consistent about writing it all down.  Maybe that should be a New Year's Resolution! :)
  • The boys had gotten some money for Christmas and we had gone to Target on Monday to see what they had.  While we were there, William would look at how big a box was and declare very loudly, "NO, that's too ex-SPEN-sive!" 
  • Then, yesterday, at Walmart, they each found stuff that they wanted and I let them hand their money over to the cashier, who, in turn, handed them each a receipt.  Xavier clasped his tightly in his hand all the way to the van and then proceeded to ask me to read him the receipt.
  • "Sah-weet" is Xavier's new favorite expression
  • We have a craft cabinet where they like to stash all their papers and crafts and  I tolerate it for a few months before making them go through it and only keep a few.  When they were going through it this week, I kept hearing William say things like, 'oh I just love this little guy, he is so cute.' in reference to a little paper airplane made from black construction paper.
  • Over the weekend, we had been praying for my sister Liz and baby Addison (who is doing well, by the way) and when it was Xavier's turn, he very sincerely prays that "baby Addison will grow up and that Aunt Liz and Uncle Michael will teach her about God."  After he prayed, he looks up and says, "what? I just really want her to grow up and be a Christian."  So do we, buddy. 
  • When I asked them what they were most excited about going back to school for, Xavier immediately responds with 'recess and lunch.'  William on the other hand declares that he can't wait to learn more about 'God and new stuff.' 


LaCombe said…
I love reading about your boys, what they do and say and how grown up they are becoming! Love the Prayers. Thankful to hear that Baby Addison is doing well and mom also. Continued Prayers. Love, Kathy
Joyce said…
Love those boys!!!! Thanks for recording their lives for us.

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