Wednesday's Words

We have been watching Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cookoff on the Food Network and William insists on calling it Rachel vs. "Big Guy".  I think he is confused with the title of Guy's other show called Guy's Big Bite. 

One night at supper this week, we were talking about table manners since I had gotten an email to parents from their teacher saying that there have apparently been some students who are not exhibiting good table manners at lunchtime.  William was telling me that the little boy he was sitting next to had bumped his arm and he dropped the last little bit of his sandwich and so he had to throw it away, because "we do NOT eat off the floor....everyone else from our class eats off the floor, 'cept me and my brudder, the Derby family does NOT do that."  Glad to hear it.

During one of the times Xavier and I were up during the night he had his stomach bug, he looked at me with a sad little face and says, "this night is not going very good."  No, buddy, it sure isn't.

I still call them both by names I gave them when they were little babies.  William is my baby doll and Xavier is my baby boy.  I realize that the older they get, the less they will like these names and so I try to not overdo it.  The other night, Xavier wanted to be reminded what I called him..."William is your baby doll, who am I?"

Last year on their birthday, I convinced them that I wasn't going to 'let' them turn five unless they promised that they were always going to sit on my lap and snuggle with me.  A few weeks ago, we were talking about their upcoming birthday and they both wanted to know what they had to do this year so that they could turn six.  We finally settled on the fact that they were going to always clean up their room really quickly.  We'll see how that goes!

As promised, here are the video interviews I did yesterday--such sweet voices. I must remember to do this kind of stuff more often.  William is up first, then Xavier:


Monica said…
What's in Ohio? And I love Legoland in Africa...too funny!
Darla Y said…
Too precious! I can't believe they are already 6 yrs old! Happy bday boys!
theredpumpkin said…
Adorable! Such a great idea!

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