Wednesday's Words

For our morning devotion time, the boys and I have been reading Jesus Calling: 365 devotions for kids.  It includes a short devotional reading and then some additional Scriptures to look up and read.  Since both boys still sit on my lap and right next to me in my recliner, I have been looking up the verses on my phone's YouVersion Bible.  The other day, we had read the verse and they were looking at my phone and noticed the little volume button that indicates that you can listen to that passage and so we hit the button.  They listened spell bound to the entire reading of Joshua 1 and then proceeded to say, 'that is so awesome, maybe tomorrow we can listen to chapter 2, because chapter 2 is going to be so sah-weet.'  Oh that their tender hearts would always long to hear God's Word spoken!

The other night we were sitting eating dinner and Xavier exclaims, "umm, mommy, my foot is about to be fuzzed, my left foot is about to get fuzzed.."  Silence from us as we try to figure out exactly what 'fuzzed' means.  "do you mean it is getting all tingly?"  "yeah, it is about to get fuzzed!"

I am regularly surprised at the words that the boys are throwing around these days as their vocabulary continues to grow.  But, somedays, I am reminded that they are six years old.  Like tonight on the way home from church when Xavier wanted to know when we got that crack in our 'shinwield." I am pretty sure he meant windshield.

From my Jesus Calling devotional from yesterday when I found out that I am most likely going to have to find a new job:  "Come to Me with your needs, knowing that My glorious riches are a more than adequate supply.  Stay in communication with Me, so that you can live above your circumstances even while you are in the midst of them."

From Jesus Calling today as I sat overwhelmed with the unknown of the coming months:  "Learn to trust me when things go 'wrong.'  Disruptions to your routine highlight your dependence on me."

Nine years ago today, Micah and I promised to love each other in sickness and in health, in good times and thankful for our nine crazy full years together.  I can't imagine anyone else I could have spent these years with.  So thankful for my sweet husband and the crazy adventure that we have been on.

And finally, if you have had enough of Wednesday's Words, you completely should check out my sister's Wordless Wednesday post, because


Tia said…
Hang in there Becky! Praying for you on your journeys in life. Hope our paths cross someday!
Beth Thomas said…
I LOL at "shinwield". :) prayed for you this a.m.!!
Amy said…
I really need to get Jesus Calling since I keep hearing such good things about it. I'll be praying about your job situation. Happy Anniversary! I'll never forget that cold snowy day! :)
LaCombe said…
Prayers for you Becky on the job situation. I have a job, but would love God to lead me to somewhere else. I need to sit and listen for him more instead of stressing about what I am doing. I love that when ever I read this site, that you bring me to a happy place with your love of God! Thank you. Love, Kathy

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