Wednesday's Words

On the way to church tonight, we kind of had a pretty normal six year old conversation that is completely random and moving from subject to subject, because if you didn't know, six year olds are very easily distracted (or at least mine are).  It kind of went like this:

X & W:  singing a Scripture song about a wise man and foolishness (I didn't know this particular song, so I can't give you specifics, although I have read a lot  of Proverbs recently that deal with this particular subject so I was definitely tracking with them...who is easily distracted now?)
X:  I was wise when I told you about getting in trouble at school
Me:  Well, you were actually being honest.  You didn't necessarily make wise choices.
X:  But it was wise of me not to tell a lie...
Me:  yes, this is true
W (kind of in the background):  I always tell the 'troof' at school, but only sometimes at home...I sometimes have problems with that...
X & W: breaking into a rendition of the Wise Man and the Foolish Man

we then talked a little bit about who our rock is and why it is foolish to build on the sand and then I sang along with them on the last verse..

X:  i really like your voice, mommy
Me: Well, thank you, buddy, I really like your voice too.
W:  Mrs. B (their teacher) doesn't have a very good singing voice, but I just love it anyway
X: (chiming right in)  I just love it too.
Me:  who says she doesn't have a good singing voice?
W:  she does, she says that it's okay, that God just didn't give that to her, He gives everyone different things that they are good at.  Like me, I loved football at first, but now we have a handle on soccer.
X:  yeah, I loved basketball, but now we are really good soccer players and we can handle it.

And that is just kind of how it goes at our house.  We move quickly from thing to thing.  Their teacher and I had been having a conversation this week about their reading progress and how we were both pleased that they were staying pretty close together.  Xavier has definitely exhibited more of a natural inclination toward it, but they are staying pretty close together. Anyway, she had been telling me that she always tells the kids that God gives everyone different gifts and that everyone is good at different things, so I figured that was where William was going with his comment about her singing. I just loved how sweetly both of them were just so adamant, "that they love her singing anyway."

My women's study group this semester is going through Gary Thomas' book Sacred Parenting.  
I love this quote:  
" Christian parenting is truly a sacred journey.  It invites us parents to purify ourselves, 
to use the process of raising kids to perfect holiness, 
and to do this consistently, every day, out of reverence for God."


Amy said…
That coversation was precious and slightly hilarious all rolled up into one! :) Going to put Sacred Parenting on my reading sounds good!

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