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just one photo

It has been amazing hearing stories from Micah's last couple of weeks and I know that there will be more and more stories to be told.  But, I just love this photo. I love the smile on Micah's face the smiles on the kids faces, I even love all the bicycles in the background because they tell part of the story.  I will share more in the next few days, but I just had to share this one tonight!

Almost here

He got delayed in Washington, but in just a few hours, we will get him at the airport.   The boys and I are more than ready.
I even managed to scrap a photo of the two of us (courtesy of Melissa):

Put a fork in me

.....because I am done.  I am officially ready for Micah to be home.  I think it is probably a combination of knowing that they have left the country that they worked in and have started their four day journey home and also having been without him for over two weeks now and the dreary weather outside--all of those things are working together to make me just ready for it to be over, to be able to pick up the phone and talk to him, to see his smiling face, and even to pick up his shoes that he will inevitably leave in the middle of the floor.  Okay, just kidding about that last part, I don't know if I will ever be excited about that, but seriously I am ready for him to be back already.  It is a good thing that we have some things on the agenda to keep us busy until he gets back Monday night. We have a friend coming over for dinner tonight and I am going to attempt  to make this Indian dish, we have more friends coming over for lunch tomorrow, then small group tomorrow night and Mond…

Wednesday's Words

"If you find the green head, give me a holler."  from Xavier to William while playing with Legos.
"tomorrow is the holy day, it's the sabbath."  from one of the boys to their cousin Q who was spending the night.
I did a little 'interview' with the boys for February (I will share all of it at some point), but William's answer to his favorite food question cracked me up:  the fruit of the Spirit...he is so spiritual!

We have been thanking God over the last couple of weeks for Melissa not having to go back to the doctor for two months.  The boys have really struggled with comprehending the time frame.  First, Xavier thanked God that it was for two weeks and I felt compelled to correct him and say gently 'actually, it is two months'.  They immediately wanted to know how many weeks that was, which resulted in the next prayer time, William thanking God that Aunt Melissa got 8 months and 2 days off.  And after that prayer, Xavier corrected William…

Happy Valentime's Day

No, that wasn't a typo, that is just the way my boys say "Valentine's" and no matter how many times I correct them, they still say it the wrong way.  The boys have been so excited about today, which is kind of funny to me, because we really have never made a very big deal about it, but they both squealed with excitement this morning when they realized it.  When I asked William why he was so excited, he replied with a very joyful...'it's the day all about love!' and 'who do you love?' I asked....'you and daddy!!' (in a 'I-can't-believe-you-had-to-ask-that' kind of voice)

I made a trip to Tulsa to visit a friend and then this afternoon went to their class party.  Can I just be honest and say that I have to remind myself over and over that the ability to be able to attend their parties is a privilege and I am thankful for it.  But....seriously, eighteen 5/6 year olds in a small space....need I say more?  I clearly have no business…

Recap, the thankful edition

I am thinking that this will be the last of my 'recaps'.  I feel relatively all caught up on the blog front.  I have been just overwhelmed lately with God's goodness, not necessarily because of so many answered prayers (which there have been plenty)...rather, it has just been the sweetness of His presence, His relentless grace and pursuit of us, and His never ending mercy.

from my gratitude journal:
 sheer looks of joy on boys' faces when they saw their cakesa date lunch and movie to celebrate 'another year of Micah and Becky'a loving compassionate kindergarten teacherold pictures of the boysOklahoma sky at dusk....the heavens declare the glory of God, the expanse tells of the work of His handsconfidence, peace that all will be wellmeeting Heidi's sisterlaughter, tears, good times with MelissaAddison going home from hospitalknowing all that God is--our comfort, our shield, our deliverer, our rest, our protector, our redeemer, our righteousnessamazing news fo…

Ten on the Tenth

Yes,  I am fully aware that it is now the eleventh, but I had this grand idea to attempt to do a list of ten random things on the tenth of each month and never sat down to do it yesterday, so here we are.

I keep getting asked how we are surviving without Micah.  We are doing good, we miss him, but I am choosing not to think about how long it is until he gets back because it is still longer than he has been gone.  Mind over matter.Last night, the boys spent the night with their cousin and I went to dinner with two other ladies whose husbands are on the same trip as Micah.  It was a sweet time of fellowship.  If I let them, my boys would spend all day every day talking to me in detail about their Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars video games.  I try to listen, but I don't know if it is possible to be less interested in a subject.Playing the Wii is an action sport for the boys.  They spend almost the entire time jumping up and down in non stop motion the way that they want their characte…

The Recap, sister edition

So, I don't know if I ever really expressed how disappointed I was when Melissa and family didn't get to come to our house at Christmas.  Suffice it to say, super sad.  Of course,  now I can look back with 20/20 and see how it was a blessing that she was there when our other sister went into pre-term labor and delivered my sweet little niece 9 weeks early and that she was able to see a doctor who took some extra time looking through her scans and making recommendations, etc.  I do not believe that everything has to have some sort of higher reason for happening, although I also know without a shadow of a doubt that we can often look back over a season of life and see God's hand of sovereignty in seemingly little 'coincidences'.   I guess what I am trying to say is that I try not to read some deep meaning into every little thing, but also live with the awareness that God does use many many things to move us along in life's journey.  At the same time, that week wh…

The Recap, part one

Yes, it has been long enough since I have blogged that I am now feeling like there is going to have to be a multiple part recap edition.  We have had a full couple of weeks--some good stuff, some not so good stuff, but it has just meant that either I wasn't spending time on the computer or I was electing not to blog. 

The biggest thing going on right now is that Micah left this past Friday to participate in a medical mission trip in Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa.  He along with his parents and another friend from medical school left a few days early so that they could make a stopover in Paris.  I am happy that he has the opportunity to go, but I am not going to pretend that it didn't make me a bit sad when I thought about the sights that he was going to get to see, the pain au chocolat that he was going to eat, the smell of the bread from the bakeries that he was going to experience.  Yesterday, they arrived in Burkina Faso and right now they are currently on a bus driving …