Happy Valentime's Day

No, that wasn't a typo, that is just the way my boys say "Valentine's" and no matter how many times I correct them, they still say it the wrong way.  The boys have been so excited about today, which is kind of funny to me, because we really have never made a very big deal about it, but they both squealed with excitement this morning when they realized it.  When I asked William why he was so excited, he replied with a very joyful...'it's the day all about love!' and 'who do you love?' I asked....'you and daddy!!' (in a 'I-can't-believe-you-had-to-ask-that' kind of voice)

I made a trip to Tulsa to visit a friend and then this afternoon went to their class party.  Can I just be honest and say that I have to remind myself over and over that the ability to be able to attend their parties is a privilege and I am thankful for it.  But....seriously, eighteen 5/6 year olds in a small space....need I say more?  I clearly have no business being a teacher of small children.  It just always stresses me out.   For their party today, the class moms had planned decorating these big heart sugar cookies.  The kids had a GREAT time, but wow, were they ever sugared up when we left!

Here is a picture of William taking a bite of his enormous cookie:

I think the highlight for me was hearing them recite 1 Corinthians 13.  This evening when I was talking to them about what the chapter was about.  They both declared very emphatically that it was about 'love, true love, the real kind, like God!'  This is a video from my phone, so the quality isn't necessarily very good, but I think you can get the picture. 

My boys love stuffed animals and they have a tendency to get very attached to them. A few years ago, their great grandma sent them these little Valentine stuffed animals that they have slept with them almost every night.  Xavier had a red bear called 'Bear' and William had a white dog named "Tess's brother".    A few weeks ago, all four of us were in Walmart and William took Micah over to the massive Valentine stuffed animal display in the middle of the produce department and begins telling Micah how Tess's brother really wanted a sister and he picked one out.  We kind of downplayed the whole thing, but Micah (ever the sentimental one) made the decision that we should get them each one for Valentine's Day, they were only a couple of dollars and seriously, the boys were so cute about the whole deal.  I set them up on the counter today to take a picture before leaving for their party:

Valentines are made using these stamps by Kate Hadfield

Then, when we got home, I raced inside ahead of them, so I could get a pic of their faces when they saw them. I didn't necessarily get their reactions in focus so much, but they were so excited and the pics of them hugging their new bears...completely unscripted.  Some days, it takes so little to make their day.

4x6 photo collage template by Designs by Lili

And tonight when I was tucking them in bed, I asked Xavier what his new bear's name was?  Red Bear...we are apparently into descriptive names.  William's new bear "Tess's sister".  I have no idea who Tess is, by the way.  He has another 'blanket dog' (which is a dog head on a blanket that they have had since before they were born) that is also affectionately known as "Tess's mom".  I am completely laughing out loud reading this post.  I have no idea where he came up with Tess and how Tess has somehow become a normal part of my vocabulary.  Ah, well.  Happy Valentime's, my sweet little boys, I love you more than life itself!

As for my Valentine. I have a beautiful bouquet of tulips sitting on my counter from him.   He is finishing up his last days in Cote d'Ivoire.  Today, he was out in the villages providing medical care.  I am so eager to hear about all that he has seen and done and how God has worked.  We still have a few more days until we get him back home, but we are on the downhill side now.  We are more than ready to see him though!


This was one of my favorite posts of yours. (There are probably some grammatical errors in that first sentence-it just sounds awkward to me) First of all, I understand so completely about the class parties. I always went when I could and I hated every minute of it. I, too, am not cut out for a roomful of children! Secondly, I love the sweetness of your boys. Their faces are priceless while holding their animals. And, lastly, the Tess story made ME laugh out loud. What a great family story that will make through the years.
Monica said…
Hooray for Micah purchasing the bears! Y'all are so blessed with such precious children!

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