just one photo

It has been amazing hearing stories from Micah's last couple of weeks and I know that there will be more and more stories to be told.  But, I just love this photo. I love the smile on Micah's face the smiles on the kids faces, I even love all the bicycles in the background because they tell part of the story.  I will share more in the next few days, but I just had to share this one tonight!


Melissa said…
Oh, I love it too!

(and ask him where that smile was when I was taking his picture LOL)
Annette said…
It's a beautiful picture!
Tia said…
Love it! Can't wait to read some stories!
Monica said…
Love the big sis on the far left! :) Can't wait to hear the story behind this!
Christine said…
This is an AWESOME photo... AWESOME!
(And Melissa's comment made me giggle... )

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