The Recap, sister edition

So, I don't know if I ever really expressed how disappointed I was when Melissa and family didn't get to come to our house at Christmas.  Suffice it to say, super sad.  Of course,  now I can look back with 20/20 and see how it was a blessing that she was there when our other sister went into pre-term labor and delivered my sweet little niece 9 weeks early and that she was able to see a doctor who took some extra time looking through her scans and making recommendations, etc.  I do not believe that everything has to have some sort of higher reason for happening, although I also know without a shadow of a doubt that we can often look back over a season of life and see God's hand of sovereignty in seemingly little 'coincidences'.   I guess what I am trying to say is that I try not to read some deep meaning into every little thing, but also live with the awareness that God does use many many things to move us along in life's journey.  At the same time, that week when they were supposed to come, I kept having conversations with God about why they did not get to come.  Anyway, not long after we found out that Melissa was getting to take a chemo break, I sent her a text saying basically, "what are the chances you can come for a visit to Oklahoma during January?" and she immediately replied, "already talking to Brian about it."  The last weekend of January ended up being when she was able to come and we seriously had the best time. 

I will send you over to her blog for an in depth recap of the specifics and also photos.  Instead of repeating all that we did (since you can read that there), I thought I would share some of my favorite things from her visit:
  • going on walks every much easier and enjoyable when you have someone right there with you 
  • having Melissa ask if we could make coffee one afternoon...for years, Melissa has been a 'tiny cup of coffee in the morning' person.  Now, she is a full blown addict like me and it is great!
  • talking, laughing, crying through life's hard 'stuff'
  • having her around to take pictures with, ask photo editing questions, knowing she will be honest and helpful with all things photography
  • shopping together
  • watching tv together
  • trying out fun new restaurants
We decided that pretty much everything is better together.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time together and I am feeling pretty thankful for it.  Even managed to scrap a page this morning:

To top it all off, when she got home, she went back to her doctor after her month off and found out that her bloodwork was once again perfect and that she will not have to see her doctor for another two months.  Good news, indeed!

And....the day that Melissa left Oklahoma, my other sister's little one also got to go home from the NICU without monitors or machines or anything.  Literally a miracle, if you ask me.  I am, at the moment, dying because I can't drive over and hold that sweet  baby.  Hopefully, the boys and I will be heading to Nashville over spring break.  I am not sure who will be watching the boys while we are there, because I intend to spend all of my time holding this sweet little angel:
(this is from Melissa's first official photoshoot with her, more pics here)


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