Recap, the thankful edition

I am thinking that this will be the last of my 'recaps'.  I feel relatively all caught up on the blog front.  I have been just overwhelmed lately with God's goodness, not necessarily because of so many answered prayers (which there have been plenty)...rather, it has just been the sweetness of His presence, His relentless grace and pursuit of us, and His never ending mercy.

from my gratitude journal:
  •  sheer looks of joy on boys' faces when they saw their cakes
  • a date lunch and movie to celebrate 'another year of Micah and Becky'
  • a loving compassionate kindergarten teacher
  • old pictures of the boys
  • Oklahoma sky at dusk....the heavens declare the glory of God, the expanse tells of the work of His hands
  • confidence, peace that all will be well
  • meeting Heidi's sister
  • laughter, tears, good times with Melissa
  • Addison going home from hospital
  • knowing all that God is--our comfort, our shield, our deliverer, our rest, our protector, our redeemer, our righteousness
  • amazing news for Melissa
  • good news for another friend
  • being able to text Micah while he is gone
  • the way God provides
  • Isaiah 25:1...plans formed long ago with perfect faithfulness
  • Moroccan Stew
  • afternoon sunshine after a very dreary week
  • an evening out with friends
  • blueberries
  • scrapping again
  • His peace
  • that we have the armor of God
  • a snow day


Beth B. said…
Becky, I just love reading your blog and your sister's blog! I admire you both so, so much!

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