Wednesday's Words

"If you find the green head, give me a holler."  from Xavier to William while playing with Legos.

"tomorrow is the holy day, it's the sabbath."  from one of the boys to their cousin Q who was spending the night.

I did a little 'interview' with the boys for February (I will share all of it at some point), but William's answer to his favorite food question cracked me up:  the fruit of the Spirit...he is so spiritual!

We have been thanking God over the last couple of weeks for Melissa not having to go back to the doctor for two months.  The boys have really struggled with comprehending the time frame.  First, Xavier thanked God that it was for two weeks and I felt compelled to correct him and say gently 'actually, it is two months'.  They immediately wanted to know how many weeks that was, which resulted in the next prayer time, William thanking God that Aunt Melissa got 8 months and 2 days off.  And after that prayer, Xavier corrected William and the next time he prayed, he thanked God that Aunt Melissa got "8 years off the hospital".  I have quit correcting them, what can I say?  I like how they think!

Hope your Wednesday has been good.  I promise to be back with some scrapbook layouts tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
This made me laugh, and laugh again. So funny.--mom
This was a total encouragement and laugh break for me this morning. Thank you!
Monica said…
Eight months and 2 days... love it!

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