A Day in the Life

I have been feeling badly about not leaving the house and doing 'fun' stuff for spring break.  In our defense, it has literally rained all week long, although the sun is coming out today and we are supposed to begin to have nicer weather.  So, in theory, rain kept us indoors, but also, I realized anew that the boys are a lot like me--homebodies.  They like to be home, to play with their toys, they have their best buddy there with them, what could be better?

Here is a sampling of what one day looked like:
  • spent time coloring
  • played the Wii
  • they were being very quiet in their room after I heard them say playing 'hide and go seek' and I go in to find them both underneath the bottom bunk with toys piled around them, whispering to each other.  I go over to find out what they are doing?  "Playing Hide and Go Seek and Bear and Red Bear are 'it', but they haven't seen us yet, wanna come play?"     me: "where are bear and red bear?"     boys: "sitting over there on the train table."
  • later I heard them playing charades in their room, giving each other encouragement and instructions
  • at lunch, we had a detailed description of the video game that they made up and played in their room with their stuffed animals...there was a lively discussion of what the particulars of which world was available on level 10 and 11
  • we have read from their readers from school as well as worked our way through some library books
  • William convinced Xavier to play Legos again with him--Xavier had apparently been taking a little bit of a 'break' from Legos (those were his words)
  • ended the day watching an episode of the Pioneer Woman's Food Network show and I field the 'can you please make that for us?' question approximately 329  times.
And this was a sight I managed to capture on two different days:


thehsmomof3 said…
So happy that you've had a great week at home with the boys...and excited to see that they are learning to be best friends...a treasure for life! - Sherri
Joyce said…
They make me smile. Love those boys, and their mom and dad!
Annette said…
I know this isn't a good thing for you to hear, but wow! - I can really see in those pictures that they aren't looking so "little" anymore!

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