Get your ice cream

We have had a crazy busy week that has included a whirlwind trip to Nashville (more on that in another post) that while it was way too short and totally exhausting, it was completely worth it.  Because of those busy two days, I am finding myself trying to just get caught back up on life stuff.  I have a couple of posts that I am wanting to do, but probably need to be disciplined and actually get that work stuff done.

My main reason for this point is to tell you to go get your ice cream, because Melissa has declared eat ice cream for breakfast day as a way to celebrate it being the one year anniversary of her cancer diagnosis.  I am always a fan of ice cream and while I have never had it for breakfast, you better believe that we are going to eat some for breakfast tomorrow.   Whew, for just a brief instant, my mind traveled back to one year ago today and my heart kind of breaks all over again.  I love my sister so much and am so so thankful for her!  I  plan to celebrate life along with her tomorrow.  Anyone want to join us?  If you do, she would totally love to see a picture.

Okay, back to regularly scheduled programming. Hopefully, this weekend will bring pictures and recaps of a fun concert and also our trip.

What are you waiting for?  go get some ice cream!!


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