I am not sure where the last few weeks have gone. 

Since my last post, here is a little run down of our activities:
  • Micah managed to bring some sort of stomach bug back from Africa and share it with
  • We both ended up on antibiotics, and about eight days in, I ended up with a full body rash reaction to the antibiotic and had to spend about 4 days hopped up on Benadryl--not my idea of a good time.
  • The boys have started back to soccer practice and had their first game.  It is fun to see the progress they have made since they first started and fun for them to see their little buddies. I can't say I love having practice two nights a week and a game every Saturday though.
  • I finally got caught up on my Project 365 pages.  For some reason, I struggled a LOT in February getting my photos every day.  I decided that the only thing worse than getting behind in staying current on P365 is realizing that you just might not have all the photos you need.  Fortunately, I am back on track.
Probably one of the more significant events ended up coming from what I thought was going to be just a regular checkup with my surgeon who I have been seeing at least every six months since my diagnosis almost five years ago. (yes, this year is my five year anniversary--crazy, isn't it?)  Anyway, I don't know if you know what the letters "PRN" stand for or not (I just looked it up and it is from the Latin meaning 'pro re nata'), but when it is written on medical orders it basically means "as necessary/as needed".  Normally, when I see my doctors, right before they leave the room, they hand me my paperwork to give to the front desk and at the bottom, they write instructions for when they want to see me back (i.e.  3 months, 6 months, etc.), but on this particular day--Leap Day, actually--my surgeon looked at me and said, "Well, it has been almost five years since your diagnosis.  Hard to believe...looks like this will be your last scheduled appointment with me."   She handed me my paperwork that had "PRN" scrawled across the bottom, made me promise that I would call her if I had any problems or concerns, and sent me on my way.  I have to admit to getting a few tears in my eyes as we talked about what this milestone meant and how we could hardly believe we were at this point.   And I have to say that it felt really good to walk out of there and know that I only have to go back if I have a concern.  I am incredibly grateful for such a skilled surgeon who has also become a friend to me.  I still see my oncologist every few months, but it is definitely nice to be to the point where I can cross at least one 'regularly scheduled' doctor's appointment off of my schedule.  (side note:  I completely regretted not snapping a picture of that piece of paper to use for my photo of the day....)

A couple of layouts that I did using supplies from the Lilypad:

and with a great new kit by One Little Bird Designs:


Melissa said…
I think I love PRN, and you totally should have taken a picture.
That is wonderful news! And, your mother is beautiful. It sure explains where her daughters get their good looks!
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