Project 365 Catch Up

Presenting February 2012(and I copied the text below each photo for my mom and anyone else who cares!):

Favorite thing about school:
W:  writing
X:  recess

Favorite Bible Verse:
W:  Love your neighbor as yourself
X:  John 3:16

Favorite Wii game:
W:  Lego star Wars
X:  Lego Batman

Food you love the most/dislike the most:
W:  Fruit of the spirit/ burnt mushrooms
X:  Mac & cheese/ chicken pot pie

Favorite Activity:
W:  playing the Wii
X:  playing the Wii

Favorite drink:
W: milk--it has lots of vitamins in it
X:  root beer

Coolest person on earth:
W: nobody, only God is cool
X:  daddy

The thing you do best:
W:  Cars (wii) Game--unlocking bonuses
X:  play battleship

If you had one wish, what would it be?
W: none, no wishes
X:  a DS

What are you going to be when you grow up?
W:  OU pharmacist
X:  a doctor
1.  Micah took advantage of having the day off in preparation for his upcoming trip and went to have lunch and recess time with the boys.  2.  Quentin came over after school and before you three headed out to a birthday party--you boys so LOVE hanging out with your cousin.  3.  Micah, his parents, Patrick (fellow med student), and Jamie (CRNA) at the airport before heading to Cote d’Ivoire via 3 days in Paris.  4.  The boys and I took a trip to the library stocking up on books for
all three of us.  5.  Playing with one of your many Lego
creations  6.  Notre Dame from Micah’s days in Paris.
7.  Your book buddies--we read from these every day!

8.  I had fun watching my friend Traci’s little girl Olivia while Traci got her hair cut.  9.  Made a big batch of Morroccan Stew to take to Heidi and family in an effort give her something comforting to eat.  10.  I found blueberries on sale
this week and they have made a great snack to leave sitting out on the counter.  11.  The boys had Quentin over
for a sleepover which included a movie and popcorn and a campout in the living room.  12.  Micah and his
parents in between surgeries while in Cote d’Ivoire  13.  Snow day!  not really all that much snow, but we
were thankful for a day at home to do nothing.  14.  Happy Valentine’s Day--this is
what was waiting on the counter for the boys when they got home from school.

15.  The beautiful tulips Micah sent me for Valentine’s Day  16.  Compare and contrast on Micah’s shoes--one freshly cleaned and one still showing all the dirt from a day in Africa
17.  I love all the little winks I get from my boys.  The boys were sitting eating a snack at our kitchen bar and Xavier gave me a little wink!  18.  While they were playing Legos in their room, Xavier came asking for our “2011” book so they could see the picture of the alligator that they built last year.  19.  We were counting the days until Daddy came home and this day brought us really really close!  20.  Home at last.  His flight was delayed and so you were up late, but it was completely worth it to see you run into his arms and give him big hugs!  21.  A little project while Micah was gone:  making a display board for my jewelry.

22.  After seeing so much inspiration for Project Life, I was excited to get my order of a few things in the mail.  23.  William brought this home from school today:  a black panther with a baby black panther on his back reading a National Geographic.  24. Micah surprised the boys by taking them to see STar Wars, Episode I in 3D  25.  I came home from
running a couple of errands and Micah had made us little cups of espresso with vanilla cream  26.  We were taking
dessert to Small group and per the request of the boys, we made Chocolate Cookies with toppings from Pioneer Woman’s
television show.  27.  I spent a bit of time organizing the ‘junk’ drawer next to the
refrigerator  28.  Made a batch of homemade laundry deter-
gent.  29.  Playing Leap Frog on Leap Day.


Anonymous said…
Thanks Becky! Love seeing the pictures and knowing what's going on.
Christine said…
What a great month! So many great moment captured, along with the day to day stuff. I love how you are making the layouts your own! (It's all I can do to get my pictures in there)

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