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A couple of things

Words you don't necessarily expect to come out of your six year old's mouth: "can you get some more of that kale at the store so that daddy can try it?""whew, that kale was soooooo yummy!" We just finished watching the season of Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network and crispy kale as a side dish was something that seemed to be popular this year.  I know that it is a good-for-you vegetable and so I picked some up at the grocery store this afternoon and loosely followed this recipe.  We all really enjoyed it and obviously, it passed the boys' taste test.
Remember that roly poly from last Saturday?

This is where he (the survivor) lives now:
 He's still alive and kicking and is apparently our 'first pet' since I had the boys change out his grass and give him a name this afternoon.  For the record his name is "Donkey Kong Wario Bowser".  After they had been playing outside for a while, I had called William in to read with me and …


My Wednesday night women's group has been going through the book Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas.  (yes, I know I have linked to it before, but seriously, it has been is a challenging book but to read through it and discuss with other women has been just the most precious experience)  Tonight was the chapter on Sacrifice and how having children often forces us to make sacrifices for them...time, money, hobbies, any number of things.  Of course, as believers we are given the greatest example of sacrifice through our heavenly Father sending His son to earth to die for our sins.

There were lots of memorable quotes tonight that have been playing over again and again in my mind throughout the day:

From the book:
There is no mature Christian who is selfish.  Christian maturity causes us to grow in our willingness to sacrifice.  Sacrifice isn't an obligation, but an invitation to change.Be willing to give yourself to the sacrifice, and out of that sacrifice, something be…

Africa Album

I clicked on a link from a coupon blog earlier this week to get a free 8x8 Shutterfly photo book (not sure if the deal is still good, but added the link just in case), so I organized Micah's pictures from his trip to Africa and made a book. I thought I would share it on here if anyone is interested in looking through the photos.  This preview album doesn't really do the photos justice and looking through all the photos definitely made me want to go myself (along with my big girl camera). 

Click here to view this photo book larger Click here to create your own Shutterfly photo book.

a little walk

Micah made it home last night and there was great rejoicing in our house.  I almost think that him being gone through the week and home on the weekends is harder than when he was gone for almost three weeks to Africa.  We are missing him lots throughout the week! 

Our soccer game for the week was canceled because of some storms this morning and there was a pretty significant threat of bad weather this afternoon and evening that has yet to materialize.  We went for a little walk this afternoon and I managed to convince the boys to let me take a few pictures.

I took this next series of shots of William in pretty rapid succession and they kind of crack me up and totally illustrate why when his classmates were asked to describe him, several of them used the word 'silly'!

For the most part, the boys have never been big fans of picking up and playing with bugs (although I do remember last year about this time, they trapped a lady bug in a plastic easter egg stuffed with grass to c…

March 2012

Favorite Color:
X:  red   W:  blue

Favorite candy
X: gummy worms 
W: ‘how about caramel?’

Favorite season:
X: winter  W:  winter

Favorite movie:
X:  Star Wars Episode 1
W:  Incredibles

Favorite Book:
X:  Fox in Socks  
W:  T-ball Trouble

Favorite sport:
X:  basketball  W:  soccer

Favorite toy:
X:  Batman  
W:  blue power ranger 1.  Doing some soccer drills in the backyard before heading to actual soccer practice  2.  I spent about four days taking regular doses of benadryl to counteract a reaction to antibiotic  3.  Your first soccer game of the season:  Xavier was getting some instructions from Coach Mike on a throw-in  4.  Micah came home and snapped this picture of me and the boys sitting on the couch.  5.  The boys were celebrating Dr. Seuss at school this week and I loved listening to William read Green Eggs and Ham  6.  The photo couldn’t quite capture the beauty   of the sky at soccer practice  7.  My side of a match of Battleship with Xavier...he is very methodical in his
attempts to sink my…

10 on 10

Thought I would use my 10 on 10 post this month to recap the last few weeks:
I attended two funerals last week.  The first was for the husband of a lady in my small group at church.  He was diagnosed with very advanced metastatic cancer only two weeks before his funeral.  Another reminder of how quickly life can change.  The second was for my friend Heidi who has been battling cervical cancer.  My heart has ached for her for a long time now and I am thankful that she is whole and healed and suffering no more.  Now, my heart aches for her family who now face the difficult task of figuring out what life looks like without her.  Her service was a beautiful testimony of God's love and grace, of the joyous life that she lived, and of her family and how they faced life together.  This month is beginning of a three months of out of town rotations for Micah.  Fortunately, he is able to come home on the weekends (for this month, at least).  We are missing him a TON though.  I am thankful f…

Easter 2012

After a crazy rainy day on Saturday, we ended up having a very nice Easter day.  Although it was a little cool, I would gladly take cool over hot.  We spent the first part of the morning getting to church early and helping to set up the hospitality stuff.  I loved having Micah home to help out and while he went to pick up donuts with William, Xavier went to church with me and helped get things set up and ready.  We had a nice Easter service and then headed to Micah's parents for dinner with friends and family. 

Every year, Micah's mom makes a bunny cake for the kids--this year, he was chocolate by request.

Then, it was time to head outside for the egg hunt.  This ended up being my favorite 'egg hunt' picture this year:
Let's just be honest, at six years old, the 'wonder' of the egg hunt is kind of over.  It is just pretty much mad dash to the eggs and throwing them in your plastic bag (because they don't make baskets big enough to hold the bounty at Gra…