10 on 10

Thought I would use my 10 on 10 post this month to recap the last few weeks:

  1. I attended two funerals last week.  The first was for the husband of a lady in my small group at church.  He was diagnosed with very advanced metastatic cancer only two weeks before his funeral.  Another reminder of how quickly life can change.  The second was for my friend Heidi who has been battling cervical cancer.  My heart has ached for her for a long time now and I am thankful that she is whole and healed and suffering no more.  Now, my heart aches for her family who now face the difficult task of figuring out what life looks like without her.  Her service was a beautiful testimony of God's love and grace, of the joyous life that she lived, and of her family and how they faced life together.  
  2. This month is beginning of a three months of out of town rotations for Micah.  Fortunately, he is able to come home on the weekends (for this month, at least).  We are missing him a TON though.  I am thankful for Facetime and the iPad that lets us see him each night as he 'participates' in our bedtime routine with the boys.  In fact, last night I was holding the iPad up for Xavier to say good night and he completely reached around to hug the iPad.  
  3. Kindergartners come home with roughly a couple hundred pieces of paper each week (give or take a few).  I keep significantly less than I throw away, but when I saw these gems, I knew for sure that we were 'totally keeping them' (as I told Xavier and he repeated word for word to his brother).  Apparently, they had to draw and color a picture, write a sentence, and then stand in front of the class and tell them what it was.
William's love of the black panther knows no bounds.  Of course, if he were a black panther, he would stink.  (Those little black marks floating around--that is his smell.)  He has also taken to just putting his initials on everything which cracks me up.

I needed a translation from Xavier on this one.  He would be a lion eating a chipmunk.
 4.  I had grand plans to write a whole post on the concert that we went to, but it is just getting a number.  I started listening to the band needtobreathe when I saw the following video linked on a blog that I regularly read.  The more that I listened to them, the more I liked them and when I saw that they were making a stop in Tulsa on a Friday, I decided that Micah and I needed to go.  Never mind that the concert did not start until 9 PM and there was an opening act.  (Micah and I are not necessarily early to bed, but we don't normally start our evening entertainment at such a 'late' hour).   Anyway, we went, we had a great time, and I actually introduced Micah to some new music which is kind of a miracle in our family.

5.  After promising myself I wouldn't get behind on P365 again, I got behind.  The good news is that I am pretty much up to speed again  and it completely helped to actually have photos to go in each day's spot.  March will make a blog appearance soon.

6.  Last Monday night, the Pioneer Woman was signing cookbooks in a town a bit north of here.  The boys and I went. We waited in line for three hours. Yes, you read that correctly....three hours.  Seeing their faces was totally worth it though.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to tell the woman I handed my camera  about making sure that an auto focus point was actually on one of our faces.  Oh well, still a great memory!
and how about a look at them at her first cookbook signing back in October of 2009:
and before you think I am crazy dragging my boys to all these book signings, they were super excited about the whole thing.  On the way last week, Xavier asked me "how does she make her food SO good?"  We also watch her cooking show on the Food Network and I get lots of requests for pretty much anything that she makes.

7.  I think I have mentioned it a couple of times on here, but my Wednesday night women's group that is going through the book Sacred Parenting together is such a huge blessing to me. I feel like each week that I leave, my heart is so full, so encouraged by the other women who are there.  I am challenged not just by their parenting, but their desires to love and serve God wholeheartedly.  I can't recommend the book enough either.

8.  I read this blog post earlier on comparisons and it was such a good reminder to me.

9.  This may be more information than you were wanting, but as my boys get older, the more I experience their 'bodily functions' and let me tell you, it is not pleasant.  Stinky (like William's black panther) is probably a better descriptive word.

10.  Tonight while the boys were at soccer practice, I sat in the van and talked to my sister for almost an hour.  We talked television, books, doctors, kids, etc.  It was just what I needed after a busy couple of weeks.  Of course, after soccer practice, when I tried to start my van, I had apparently been sitting there the entire time with the lights on and my battery was dead.  Lucky for me, the two soccer coaches/dads that were there helped me get it jumped.


Monica said…
haha...I could read Xavier's paper, but not William's! But I love the fact that William is now initialling everything. And thanks for the post on contentment. Needed that this morning!
Vicky said…
Oh how I love needtobreathe and have longed to go to a concert... I keep claiming not to have a bucket list... but then I get these reminders and go oh yeah- I so want to do that :) So cool you went! And my youngest son and I watch Ree Saturday mornings often. Doubly cool you got your boys to go to the book signing... I am loving your list! So sorry for your losses however...
Christine said…
Oh, there are so many great tidbits in here... but I have to say that the boys love for Ree and her food melts. my. heart. I love that!!!

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