Africa Album

I clicked on a link from a coupon blog earlier this week to get a free 8x8 Shutterfly photo book (not sure if the deal is still good, but added the link just in case), so I organized Micah's pictures from his trip to Africa and made a book. I thought I would share it on here if anyone is interested in looking through the photos.  This preview album doesn't really do the photos justice and looking through all the photos definitely made me want to go myself (along with my big girl camera). 

Click here to create your own Shutterfly photo book.


Vicky said…
I had to laugh- I thought wait- Notre Dame in Africa and The Eiffel Tower? But then it was definitely what I think Africa would look like :) I traveled a bit after college, and long to see more! Africa has always been high on my list. Cool photos and you did such a nice job putting them in the book!
D Yocom said…
Great photobook, Becky! You did a great job and it looks as if Micah, Linda and Dale had a great adventure!

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