A couple of things

Words you don't necessarily expect to come out of your six year old's mouth:
  • "can you get some more of that kale at the store so that daddy can try it?"
  • "whew, that kale was soooooo yummy!"
We just finished watching the season of Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network and crispy kale as a side dish was something that seemed to be popular this year.  I know that it is a good-for-you vegetable and so I picked some up at the grocery store this afternoon and loosely followed this recipe.  We all really enjoyed it and obviously, it passed the boys' taste test.

Remember that roly poly from last Saturday?

Just to clarify...there were two roly polys (polies?) in this picture, but the wind got the better of one of them!

This is where he (the survivor) lives now:

 He's still alive and kicking and is apparently our 'first pet' since I had the boys change out his grass and give him a name this afternoon.  For the record his name is "Donkey Kong Wario Bowser".  After they had been playing outside for a while, I had called William in to read with me and when we went back out, Xavier was sitting and talking to him and just 'spending some time with him.'

Let's just say, lowest maintenance pet ever.


Annette said…
Buy a dog Becky!

Love the pictures! We had Cowey piwey (a caterpillar of course) when Levi was a little younger.
LaCombe said…
you are so very blessed with a great family and life! I love reading what your children do and say and I know they are such a joy in your life. So blessed!!!
Love and Prayers, Kathy
thehsmomof3 said…
I DEFINITELY plan to try the kale! We've been roasting asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, etc and loving it. So why not kale? Thanks!
I'm glad you're enjoying the new pet with your boys. We've had many different pets over the years. Lets see: dogs, frogs, toads, lizards, ants, Roly poly, hermit crabs, crayfish (with babies...eewww), gecko, turtles, and most recently a parakeet. I'll be the first to admit that I would not be your typical critter fanatic, but my son and one daughter are. So I've loved learning and experiencing it all with them. As they are getting older, I'm realizing that those adventures are some of our favorite (and crazy) memories together. Someday there will be no need to feed tadpoles (or baby bunnies during the night), so I'm determined to enjoy this season to the fullest.
As always, I love your blog. =)
Christine said…
OK, I love that pet! What a great way to start... :-)

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