Easter 2012

After a crazy rainy day on Saturday, we ended up having a very nice Easter day.  Although it was a little cool, I would gladly take cool over hot.  We spent the first part of the morning getting to church early and helping to set up the hospitality stuff.  I loved having Micah home to help out and while he went to pick up donuts with William, Xavier went to church with me and helped get things set up and ready.  We had a nice Easter service and then headed to Micah's parents for dinner with friends and family. 

Every year, Micah's mom makes a bunny cake for the kids--this year, he was chocolate by request.

Then, it was time to head outside for the egg hunt.  This ended up being my favorite 'egg hunt' picture this year:

Let's just be honest, at six years old, the 'wonder' of the egg hunt is kind of over.  It is just pretty much mad dash to the eggs and throwing them in your plastic bag (because they don't make baskets big enough to hold the bounty at Grandma and Grandpa's house!)

I did manage to get a family picture this year:

And I seriously loved it when my nephew asked me to take his picture with the boys.  Obviously, I need that kind of attitude more around here because by the time this happened, the boys were so over having their picture taken.  Of course, they all wanted to take turns being behind the tree--but this one ended up being the best:

And one of my sweet little men, who are growing up way too fast!

I hope your Easter was good.  I will be back tomorrow with a 'catch up' blog post.


Joyce said…
Can't wait for the "catch-up" blog. Thanks for the pictuers. Those boys look like all arm in the last picture! They are getting so tall.
Christine said…
So many cute photos! Love that last shot of the boys... so sweet!

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