a little walk

Micah made it home last night and there was great rejoicing in our house.  I almost think that him being gone through the week and home on the weekends is harder than when he was gone for almost three weeks to Africa.  We are missing him lots throughout the week! 

Our soccer game for the week was canceled because of some storms this morning and there was a pretty significant threat of bad weather this afternoon and evening that has yet to materialize.  We went for a little walk this afternoon and I managed to convince the boys to let me take a few pictures.

I took this next series of shots of William in pretty rapid succession and they kind of crack me up and totally illustrate why when his classmates were asked to describe him, several of them used the word 'silly'!

There is my sweet William!

For the most part, the boys have never been big fans of picking up and playing with bugs (although I do remember last year about this time, they trapped a lady bug in a plastic easter egg stuffed with grass to create a 'habitat').  But, Xavier was determined to bring home some roly polys today.  He found two and is 'showing' them off:

They were about to get away from him in these last two pictures!

It was super windy and we managed to only make it home with one roly poly which we found a glass jar for that William stuffed some grass in and Micah poked holes in the lid so that it could breathe.  Who knows if it will be alive tomorrow.

I just realized that I didn't take even one picture of the boys together today--what was I thinking?  Oh well, it was a fun filled day.  What I also did not get a picture of was the four of us playing several rounds of Mario Kart on the Wii--let's just say that video games are not really a part of my skill set.


Melissa said…
These pictures of William just crack me up.
Christine said…
Such fun photos! I will say, I am not looking forward to the bug phase! {shivers}

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