March 2012

Favorite Color:
X:  red   W:  blue

Favorite candy
X: gummy worms 
W: ‘how about caramel?’

Favorite season:
X: winter  W:  winter

Favorite movie:
X:  Star Wars Episode 1
W:  Incredibles

Favorite Book:
X:  Fox in Socks  
W:  T-ball Trouble

Favorite sport:
X:  basketball  W:  soccer

Favorite toy:
X:  Batman  
W:  blue power ranger
1.  Doing some soccer drills in the backyard before heading to actual soccer practice  2.  I spent about four days taking regular doses of benadryl to counteract a reaction to antibiotic  3.  Your first soccer game of the season:  Xavier was getting some instructions from Coach Mike on a throw-in  4.  Micah came home and snapped this picture of me and the boys sitting on the couch.  5.  The boys were celebrating Dr. Seuss at school this week and I loved listening to William read Green Eggs and Ham  6.  The photo couldn’t quite capture the beauty   of the sky at soccer practice  7.  My side of a match of Battleship with Xavier...he is very methodical in his
attempts to sink my ships!

8.  We were big fans of these Lofthouse Sugar Cookie bars.  9.  After a busy week, it is always nice to end with a game night on Friday night.  The game of choice tonight was Star Wars Trouble--they LOVE this game!  10.  It was our church’s first Amazing Race: mom/sons edition and we were all about getting our game faces on  11.  I can almost hear the giggles when I look at the picture of William sitting and laughing with his brother.  12.  Xavier is SO loving to read these days and William LOVES to listen to his brother read and look at the photos.  13.  I admit to being excited, almost giddy about the arrival of the newest Pioneer Woman Cookbook on my doorstep!  14.  We have had a renewed interest in the LeapSters
in recent weeks and they actually love to watch/help each other as much as they
love playing themselves!

15.  I spent the morning volunteering at the Just Between Friends consignment sale.  It was the first time I had done it ia couple of years and it was a much better experience this time.  16.  One of my favorite things about Oklahoma spring--the Oklahoma Redbud blossoms on the trees in our front yard.  17.  William and I made rainbow cupcakes for St. Patricks Day  18.  Spent the afternoon and evening playing soccer and hanging out with soccer buddy Dylan and family  19.  First day of spring break and it was pouring rain.  I found the two of you like this after a trip to the library  20.  Your
grandma asked if she could pick you up for the afternoon and took you to lunch, bowling, and for ice cream.  21.  Play-doh Fries!! 

22.  There is a new cupcake place Call Me Cupcake just down the road and we stopped in to try them out.  23.  I dragged Micah to a needtobreathe concert--it was LOUD, but oh so good!  24.  Made a trip to the park to enjoy
the beautiful day and the boys took some time to play Tic Tac Toe in the play area  25.  I took advantage of
some beautiful light to get some sweet photos of the boys.  26.  A very last minute decision to ride along to
Nashville with Dale and Linda made for some very silly boys in the car  27. I absolutely loved spending the
morning holding sweet little Addison!  28.  While I was cooking dinner, the boys
were enthralled listening to the Super Mario Bros soundtrack.

29.  Another Thursday night, another team huddle at soccer practice  30.  Celebrated Melissa’s one year since her cancer diagnosis with ice cream for breakfast--just because we could.
31.  Xavier hanging out with grandma in between quarters at the boys’ soccer game.


Christine said…
You had lots of fun in March... and yummy baked goods! This post reminds me I need to catch up!
LaCombe said…
I just caught up on your last blogs. first my heart and prayers go to you and the families of the passing of their loved ones. You are so right to say, we don't know what tomorrow brings, but God does. I love the pics of Easter and you are as beautiful as ever. Love your long hair, even though I think when it is short you look adoreable as well. You are so blessed with such a beautiful family and I am blessed to know you. Have a great day! Love and Prayers, Kathy
Joyce said…
Just catching up on your blog posts--thanks for writing the text out for me....I kept reading things I didn't know about...we've got to talk more! Love you.
Anonymous said…
I love all of your daily pictures! I am so impressed with how you and Melissa stay so faithful with it!! I also need to get a copy of that Pioneer Woman cookbook...I love that you got to see her and that your boys know who she is. How fun!

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