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Hello, last day of May!  If anyone has figured out where this year is going, I would so love to hear....because seriously, it is June tomorrow?!?

In keeping with our lazy, crazy days of summer, we have enjoyed a full day.  We started out spending a few hours this morning at a friend's house.  The boys went to pre-k with this friend and see each other at church.  He shares a love of superheroes and legos and they always have a great time together.  His mom Lorie and I had a great visit.  She loves the Lord so much and is always an encouragement to me.  And I wish I had taken a picture of it, but she had the coolest thing in her house.  She also read the book One Thousand Gifts last year and in their home office, she had bought a large rectangle canvas and written prominently across the middle "One Thousand Gifts" and all around it in a large variety of colors were names, memories, moments, some names with crosses drawn around them, Scripture--it was beautiful and I totall…

Wednesday's Words

We have sorely neglected working on catechisms for probably the last year and a half if I am really honest.  But getting back to that is one of my summer goals.  So, Sunday night, I pulled out our Truth and Grace Memory Book and we started working on memorizing Psalm 23.  Which led to a very cute discussion.

The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want He makes me lie down in green pastures He leads me beside the still waters
William:  'but why do we not want the shepherd?'
Me:  (confused at first...then figuring it out)  'well, if we have the Lord as our Shepherd, then we aren't going to want for anything, or need anything else, because He is everything'  (and totally thinking to myself how if we can all truly grasp that concept...)  
Xavier:'what is a pasture?'
William:  'it is someone who tells you about God and teaches you'
Me: (totally confused...again!)  "no, that is a pastor....a pasture is the soft green grass where the sheep or cattle are"

It's officially summer

Because the boys were gone for a couple of days last week on a Branson trip with their grandparents, I have felt like this week was our official start to summer.  It is already ridiculously hot here and yesterday it quickly became apparent that we were going to need to have some sort of summer programming.  We have been hard at work making a summer bucket list that includes things from making Pioneer Woman's Purple Monster Smoothies to flying kites to staying up until midnight.  Here is hoping that we can enjoy each day because 'the days are long, but the years are short'. 

This morning we headed out with some friends to pick blueberries at a farm south of Tulsa.  I think I was more interested in the actual gathering of berries, but it was a fun morning.  William was actually my most devoted berry picker--although, he was much more interested in picking the blackberries rather than blueberries.  He was able to find a quart or so of mostly ripe blackberries.  I will definit…


Just realized that I haven't posted pages in a while and thought my mom might like to see a few :)

credits can all be found her in my MSA gallery

K-5 Graduation

Let me just preface this post with a warning that there are a LOT of pictures--I just couldn't decide which to use, which to not use.  And I should never be allowed to take pictures in this type of setting...the white balance was atrocious, there was way too many different lighting directions that were completely throwing off the light meter in my camera.  oh well, it is the memory that counts, right?

A few pictures before it got started:

This was last year with their cousin at his Kindergarten graduation:   And this year at theirs-- it kinda (okay, really) makes me sad how much they've grown up this year: There were three kindergarten classes and each one chose three students to help lead.  The boys' teacher puts all the kids names in a bowl and then chose three names and both boys were totally excited to have their names chosen!  William proudly welcomed everyone and asked them to stand and Xavier led everyone in the pledge to the American flag.
 I just love the intens…

Last Day

Somehow this day doesn't seem that long ago, but here we are on the very last day of kindergarten.

I admit to being a bit teary eyed on the way to school this morning as we talked about the favorite things that the boys had learned during the year.  We were so blessed with a wonderful teacher and school and I am eternally grateful for all that the boys learned this year.

William's favorite thing was learning math. 
Xavier's favorite thing was doing crafts.
My favorite things were that they learned to read, that their teacher spoke God's Word into their life every single day, that she played Scripture songs at naptime (and they memorized them because they never took naps), and that they thrived not just individually but also as 'brudders'.

So here we go.

First day of K-5:
Last day of K-5:

I don't even know where to start.  We have had Mother's Day, 7Wonders (Wednesday night program) awards ceremony, kindergarten graduation, a whirlwind trip to Missouri where we managed to see both sets of my grandparents, dinner with some good friends, a graduation party and high school graduation for a niece, back home to Oklahoma and sent Micah back to his rotation. 

Hold on to your hats, because there are going to be a few pictures.  And I decided to hold off on graduation pictures because I will do a separate graduation post.  And these pictures loaded in reverse order,  so we are recapping in reverse order.  And I don't have anything else to add, just wanted to add another 'and'.

I think I often take for granted what an absolute blessing and treasure it is to have both sets of my grandparents living.  My boys have 5 great-grandparents and 1 great-great-grandmother living.  What is even more special to me is that my grandparents have left our family such a rich …