10 on 10

1.  It has been a busy few weeks.

2.  I had grand plans for blogging lots of stuff.

3.  Micah has been gone since April 30.

4.  Since then, we have had a stomach bug, an ear infection, a harmless skin rash, and a strep skin rash.  Fun times.

5.  We have also ended our soccer season--all wins, with the exception of one tie.  The boys showed lots of improvement and most importantly had fun.

6.  We have majorly missed Micah (see number 3)

7.  I may or may not be pretty heavily invested in this season's American Idol--it might just  be my favorite season.

8.  My sister found out today that she is most likely going to have to have her gall bladder removed tomorrow--major surgery, a difficult recovery, and they were supposed to move 12 days.  My heart is heavy for her family.  Prayers are greatly appreciated.

and the last two things, I actually wrote at some point through out the month so that I wouldn't forget for this post:

9. One of my favorite moments everyday is going in to tell the boys goodnight, kiss their foreheads before getting in bed myself. Something about their sweet groggy voices whispering back  "I love you, mommy" is one of the sweetest sounds in the world.  (I totally needed to re-read that  and remember it tonight--it has been a trying day at the end of a pretty trying week)

10.  Xavier's choice of words recently has been cracking me up.  He has randomly been saying "good grief" and not necessarily where you would normally say that.  He will be going through the house..'good grief, let's go outside'.

I promise a real update soon-ish (I obviously have commitment issues and fear of setting actual deadlines for blogging stuff).


It's good to see an update from you. (I should talk...I rarely blog anymore.) The "good grief" story cracked me up, too. Life with your boys has got to be interesting!

I have been in prayer for Melissa and her family. I just can't believe that another obstacle has been thrown in their path.

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