April 2012

Finally getting around to finishing up April and trying not to get too far behind for May!

1:  The first day of April was packed with church followed by a brunch with Natalie and Beth.  Beth is going to be moving back to Colorado soon to start her residency and so we wanted one last meal together.  Then, we headed out the door to a make up soccer game.  And after the game, we went to a little family visitation at Heidi’s sister’s house.   2.  Micah headed out the door to Ardmore and the boys and I spent the evening waiting in a line to get our Pioneer WOman cookbook signed  3.  The first rose on our rose bush out front  4.  After multiple late nights, William was exhausted and fell hard asleep when I sent him in for a nap after school  5.  Spent the afternoon remembering and celebrating our dear friend Heidi Sanchez  6.  We were all super excited to have Micah back after a week apart!   7.  A cloudy rainy day kept us all indoors and Micah took advantage of the time to work on organizing his comic books--while wearing surgical gloves (and yes, this is normal for him!). 

8.  We celebrated Easter with church and then lunch and an egg hunt at Dale and Linda’s.  9.  You know it is a good day when William is playing football in an Iron Man costume and Star Wars light saber  10.  After a meeting confirming that I would be teaching French this fall, I dug out a load of French books to begin some major reviewing  11.  Facetimeing with daddy is a regular part of our day--you were both super excited to be shwoing off your Lego Heroes  12.  Bloodwork,
doctor’s appointments, tests equal a good bit of time spent matching up EOBs and bills  13.  You boys brought home your
art journals from school--I loved looking through and seeing your drawings 
14.  Spent some quality time with your daddy putting a puzzle together. 

 15.  We were privileged to have John Weaver in service and then to spend some time after church talking with him and hearing about his ministry.  16.  I brought some new books home from the library and LOVED seeing Xavier sit and read each and every word.  17.  My day was seriously brightened by the arrival of Cookie Butter from Melissa on the same day that I got a card in the mail.  18.  William is working away on his Seven Wonders homework, eating a tootsie roll pop, and sporting his ‘green’ skin courtesy of coloring on it with markers.  19.  Xavier shwoing off their ‘pet’ Roly Poly -- Donkey Kong Wario Bowser  20.  Friday night was a perfect night for some Uno at our house.  21.  It might be a bit embarassing that I have never washed all of my windows, but I haven’t.  So, I spent a good amount time remedying that situation.
22.  You boys had a make up game on Sunday afternoon, but you were all about playing catch with your uncle David before we left  23.  I was grilling some chicken and William was not about to ‘pose’ for a picture and was trying to hide from me but I still managed to snap a photo of him!  24.  Aunt Joy arrived with some sweet treats from France!  25.  She was quite happy to spend some time listening to you read  26.  It was so much fun having Uncle Shane cheer you on at your soccer game  27.  He was so sweet to play and sing some songs with you boys, even letting you play his guitar  28.  Getting some last words of encouragement/instructions from your daddy to work hard and play your best in your game! 

29.  After spending some really great days together, Shane and Joy shared at our church.  It was bittersweet and good and super emotional all at the same time.  30.  We got the boys early from school so that they could spend a little extra time with Micah before he left for his rotation in Duncan.


LaCombe said…
Nice Pictures! So glad you are back posting! Miss reading up on what is going on and also all your great pictures. Hope you had a Great Mother's Day! Love and Prayers, Kathy
LaCombe said…
Nice Pictures! So glad you are back posting! Miss reading up on what is going on and also all your great pictures. Hope you had a Great Mother's Day! Love and Prayers, Kathy

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