K-5 Graduation

Let me just preface this post with a warning that there are a LOT of pictures--I just couldn't decide which to use, which to not use.  And I should never be allowed to take pictures in this type of setting...the white balance was atrocious, there was way too many different lighting directions that were completely throwing off the light meter in my camera.  oh well, it is the memory that counts, right?

A few pictures before it got started:

This was last year with their cousin at his Kindergarten graduation:
  And this year at theirs--
it kinda (okay, really) makes me sad how much they've grown up this year:
There were three kindergarten classes and each one chose three students to help lead.  The boys' teacher puts all the kids names in a bowl and then chose three names and both boys were totally excited to have their names chosen!  William proudly welcomed everyone and asked them to stand and Xavier led everyone in the pledge to the American flag.

 I just love the intensity in William's face in this one:

And I totally peeked (along with the little blonde boy) and snapped a photo during the Lord's Prayer:
After the three classes spent a good bit of time reciting verses, character traits and singing songs for the friends and family in the audience, they all filed out so that each class could receive their diplomas.  They also showed a slide show of pictures taken all through out the school year while they played a song along the lines of "Let them be Little"--totally pulled on the heart strings.

When each class came out, they allowed the parents/paparazzi to come down to the front, 
so that we could have a front row seat for taking pictures.
 William with his diploma: 
Xavier totally ran across the stage and threw himself into his teacher's arms:

I never managed to get a picture of them both looking at the camera, but I love this one as much for the craziness of the kids behind X as for the sweet look in his teacher's eyes:

 Then there was an attempt at getting a class picture, but as you can see, it was not super successful:

These boys love their teacher:

And their friend Grace came and even made signs for them 
(ignore the fact that she is totally not in focus):

 And these pics are a little fuzzy, but they just make me smile:

We came home and had Smores cupcakes with root beer and sprite with
 their grandparents, aunt and cousin:

 And a few pictures from the at-home photo shoot:

 They were SO excited about graduation and we spent the week leading up to it counting down the days until the moment arrived.  It was a sweet ceremony marking a milestone in their little lives.  I always have to  sit back and smile and whisper a prayer of thanks for the gift of seeing them mark it.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting all the pictures. They do look sweet and I wish we could have been there. Cannot believe they're going to 1st grade. Love, Mom
All the pictures are precious but I do really love the one of Xavier hugging his teacher! What a sweetheart! I bet that made her day.
Amy said…
Oh Becky!!! When did they become such grownup little men? I can't believe they are going to be 1st graders! I'm so glad you posted the pics...they show what a special night it was!
Christine said…
Oh my ... so many great moments here! Happy graduation day to your little guys!

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