Last Day

Somehow this day doesn't seem that long ago, but here we are on the very last day of kindergarten.

I admit to being a bit teary eyed on the way to school this morning as we talked about the favorite things that the boys had learned during the year.  We were so blessed with a wonderful teacher and school and I am eternally grateful for all that the boys learned this year.

William's favorite thing was learning math. 
Xavier's favorite thing was doing crafts.
My favorite things were that they learned to read, that their teacher spoke God's Word into their life every single day, that she played Scripture songs at naptime (and they memorized them because they never took naps), and that they thrived not just individually but also as 'brudders'.

So here we go.

First day of K-5:

Last day of K-5:


Vicky said…
So cute- as in completely adorable! And... those milestones just seem to come at you faster and faster. I have middle school orientation tonight- yikes :)
Monica said…
LOL! I love how they still have the "Mom, do we HAVE to smile?" face even on the last day!
Melissa said…
They look so little on the first day!
Anonymous said…
Big difference--they look like they grew more than a year's worth. Still sweet though. Mom
Christine said…
Holy cow! The difference between those two photos makes me want to do this for sure next year!

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