I don't even know where to start.  We have had Mother's Day, 7Wonders (Wednesday night program) awards ceremony, kindergarten graduation, a whirlwind trip to Missouri where we managed to see both sets of my grandparents, dinner with some good friends, a graduation party and high school graduation for a niece, back home to Oklahoma and sent Micah back to his rotation. 

Hold on to your hats, because there are going to be a few pictures.  And I decided to hold off on graduation pictures because I will do a separate graduation post.  And these pictures loaded in reverse order,  so we are recapping in reverse order.  And I don't have anything else to add, just wanted to add another 'and'.

"Who graduated from kindergarten?" ...the boys and cousin Scarlette

Micah with his niece whose graduation we were at--maybe my favorite pic ever :)

This is kind of what they thought of the festivities

I love this picture of Micah and his siblings--I can just hear Jackie laughing

we spent part of the day on Saturday with my mom's parents

my grandma invited my aunt, uncle, cousin and her daughter

my grandpa has an amazing garden--it is beautiful (not a piece of grass or weed to be found)--he was showing the boys and pulling a radish for lunch

We spent Friday night and Saturday morning with my dad's parents

if I had a dollar for every time my grandpa told me how happy he was that we came....

my grandma has several bird feeders and has taken pictures of the many types of birds that feed there...she was showing the boys her 'bird book'
Xavier was SO into it...I love the intensity on his face...and I certainly know where the boys get their bed head from

and I think i might know where they get their crazy faces from too!  They went out in their pajamas because they saw three turtles in my grandparents' back yard that they had to investigate

I think I often take for granted what an absolute blessing and treasure it is to have both sets of my grandparents living.  My boys have 5 great-grandparents and 1 great-great-grandmother living.  What is even more special to me is that my grandparents have left our family such a rich heritage of faith and trust in the Lord. 

We were only gone for about 48 hours, but we packed those hours full to the brim of visiting.  And in between the visiting, it was nice to be together as a family in the car.  We laughed, we sang, we listened to music, and soaked in some much needed family time.

Tomorrow is the last day of school (insert very big sigh here).  Tonight, we are headed to my nephew's baseball game.  And Wednesday, the boys are headed out to Branson with their grandparents for a little trip and I have to admit that I am looking forward to some much needed quiet time!

me and my sweet boys on Mother's Day (photo courtesy of my sweet friend Traci)


Christine said…
WOW! You have been very busy! I could use a nap after reading that! You captured some really precious moments here... funny, sentimental, and beautiful. I also adore that Mother's Day photo!

Enjoy your quiet time!
Anonymous said…
Loved seeing all the pictures. It's hard to say which I liked the most, but I think it's the one with you and the boys on Mothers Day. Love, Mom
What a wonderful heritage your boys are enjoying with so many grandparents still alive. That is truly a blessing! I wish so much that Katie had grandparents in her life. My beautiful sisters have stood in the gap in a great way but there is no substitute for grandparents. Thanks for sharing your busy trip with us. The pictures of you and the grandparents are precious.
the red pumpkin said…
I too love that last picture! So sweet! All the pictures are really sweet/fun!

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