Hello, last day of May!  If anyone has figured out where this year is going, I would so love to hear....because seriously, it is June tomorrow?!?

In keeping with our lazy, crazy days of summer, we have enjoyed a full day.  We started out spending a few hours this morning at a friend's house.  The boys went to pre-k with this friend and see each other at church.  He shares a love of superheroes and legos and they always have a great time together.  His mom Lorie and I had a great visit.  She loves the Lord so much and is always an encouragement to me.  And I wish I had taken a picture of it, but she had the coolest thing in her house.  She also read the book One Thousand Gifts last year and in their home office, she had bought a large rectangle canvas and written prominently across the middle "One Thousand Gifts" and all around it in a large variety of colors were names, memories, moments, some names with crosses drawn around them, Scripture--it was beautiful and I totally LOVED it.  She said it is a work in progress and that she just keeps adding to it.   I am definitely taking a picture next time! I also think it would make a cool family project.

Because of a late night last night, I put the boys down for a nap and they slept for TWO hours!  After they got up, they helped me with some cleaning and then played outside for a while and ended up taking a blanket out and reading their library books we got yesterday:

Love how you can see Xavier following along with his finger--they both are pretty good about this.

LOVE how you can clearly see William working on his pronunciation.

Amelia Bedelia is proving to be a big hit

I also should point out that they were out there on that blanket for at least an hour and would probably have stayed except it was time to go to a cookout with their soccer team.  While they were reading, I was cleaning my house and about the time I finished (after stopping multiple times to take pictures and look at them through the window), I realized that next time, the house is SO waiting to be cleaned and I am taking my book out there and laying down and reading with them!  Of course, if I am there, I am going to have to ask them not to read out loud--I could hear them from the house each reading separate books out loud, seemingly undeterred by their brother reading out loud right next to him.

Then, on to the soccer cookout--I loved this photo of all the boys sitting waiting for their parents to fix their plates...notice the little boy in the red being 'choked' by his neighbor?  yes, we have a few personalities.

Second favorite photo op of the day--William coming back after playing to have his cake.  He insisted on going back to the same table  where they had eaten and all by himself eating his cake.  I asked if he wanted  to come and eat over by where the adults were, but no, he wanted to stay there.  I asked if he was okay or if he just needed some quiet and he says, 'yes..some's from God'--yes, my sweet boy, the only real peace comes from God. 

Then, even though, we maintain a pretty strict bedtime even in summer, I decided to let them keep playing outside when we got home--the high today was in the upper 70s--I could totally live year round with this type of weather.  We bought this little cheap 'lacrosse' set from Target earlier in the week and it has provided hours of fun.  I also kind of love that they think that they are playing tennis! William was quite proud to have thrown it in the air and hit it:

And check out the intensity on Xavier's face--yes, it is blurry, but he was so in to it!

Tomorrow we are heading to Oklahoma City where we are meeting Micah for the afternoon and evening before heading to my brother in law's Pharmacy school graduation on Saturday.  All three of us are SO ready to see Micah and thankful that we get to spend a few days with him! 


Amy said…
yes, you need to take a picture of that canvas. I would love to see it! Those pics of the boys reading are precious! Enjoy your weekend with Micah!

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