Wednesday's Words

We have sorely neglected working on catechisms for probably the last year and a half if I am really honest.  But getting back to that is one of my summer goals.  So, Sunday night, I pulled out our Truth and Grace Memory Book and we started working on memorizing Psalm 23.  Which led to a very cute discussion.

The Lord is my Shepherd
I shall not want
He makes me lie down in green pastures
He leads me beside the still waters

William:  'but why do we not want the shepherd?'

Me:  (confused at first...then figuring it out)  'well, if we have the Lord as our Shepherd, then we aren't going to want for anything, or need anything else, because He is everything'  (and totally thinking to myself how if we can all truly grasp that concept...)  

Xavier: 'what is a pasture?'

William:  'it is someone who tells you about God and teaches you'

Me: (totally confused...again!)  "no, that is a pastor....a pasture is the soft green grass where the sheep or cattle are"

William:  practices saying pasture and pastor


Brian Lewis said…
That William is one smart cookie! I used to think the same thing as a kid...Why would I not want the Lord as my Shepherd?
You will be so glad you wrote all of these things down! Priceless!

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