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Almost too many to count

Almost too many to count....that is how many sweet memories we made while my sister and her family were here for the last several days.  I started thinking back over the days last night while I was driving to Tulsa and immediately realized that I needed to get my gratitude journal out and start listing as many as I could because the fun things we did at the beginning of their time here were starting to feel like a long time ago.

I don't have time to list them all out today, but know that I am planning a post chock full of pictures (it just might take a bit of time to wade through them, I just uploaded 322 from my camera and that does not include at least that number from Melissa's camera).

Here are a couple of pictures from before their water balloon fight one night, I kept telling them to change their pose every few seconds, it was kind of hilarious:

And this is one I grabbed from Melissa's blog--they had so much fun at a splash pad we visited one morning:

More to come, I…

Wednesday's Words

Yesterday, the boys and I went to the playground at the elementary school that is close to us and they decided that yesterday was the day that they were going to master the monkey bars.

Always before they have been scared of the monkey bars and would only attempt if we were right there holding them up.  But yesterday, I was sitting on a bench and I heard Xavier yelling for me to come look because he had made it to the third bar.  The next thing I knew they were trying over and over again until William had succeeded and once William had succeeded, there wasn't much that was going to stop Xavier.  I only had my phone with me, so it is a fairly poor quality video, but it at least captures both of them making it across.  And yes, I totally let them go to the park without their shirts on :)

Right as we were getting ready to come home, Xavier announced to me that he had some big 'goose eggs' on his hands.  Sure enough, he had worn two big blisters on the inside of his middle fing…

Random Tuesday

I have several just little tidbits that may or may not go together, but kind of summarize the last several days.

I spent last week in a teacher training workshop called Great Expectations. It was Tuesday through Thursday from 8-4.  To be honest, I was not super excited about giving up almost an entire week of my summer and I was thoroughly exhausted from getting us all out the door each morning and trying to absorb the wealth of information being given to me.  The nice thing was that at the end of the week, I felt like it was time well spent.  While I won't use everything they taught, I felt like they gave me lots of tools and resources to draw from.  The teacher was excellent and so passionate about teaching and when someone is passionate about something, you can really catch their excitement and be inspired to do something.  And when I walked out the door on Friday afternoon, a lot of my fear and insecurity about being a good teacher was gone and replaced with the confidence tha…


Did you know that God provides?  Because He does. 

I have been meaning to sit down and write up a little post with an update on the work situation since I hadn't mentioned it in awhile, but just hadn't gotten around to it.  Then, tonight I thought, "I think I have the words to write it", opened up blogger, typed in the title and immediately had tears fill my eyes as I realized anew that I could list time after time after time where God has provided.  He never ever fails me.  Does He always provide in just the way that I think that I need or in the timing that I am envisioning as perfect for my situation? No.  But, He never fails.  He has never just does not shown up in a situation. 

So, way back in January, I found out that my job that I have held since Micah has been in med school which has allowed me to work from home (or various other locations, when I want to travel) and has been such a huge provision in and of itself allowing me to stay at home with the boys whi…

10 on 10: June edition

1.  I came across this blog post a few weeks ago and immediately emailed it to my mom and sisters--can't think of anyone I would love to experience that more with! : If only we were all at a place to just up and book that travel!

2.  I read the bookFrench Kids Eat Everything last month and found it really interesting.  It chronicles a family's adventure of moving to a small village in France and the difference between French children and North American children.  I had a hard time, at times, with what I felt were pretty broad generalizations of French culture (things that I know exist, but are not necessarily the norm as implied in the book), but it was a good easy read made even more interesting by our own time spent in France.  Definitely highlights the difference in generally accepted parenting styles between the two countries as well.

3.  My sister sent me this jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's at the beginning of May.  Let me just say, it is ridiculousl…

Praying for a miracle

Wednesday morning the boys and I were at a friend's neighborhood pool just finishing lunch and starting to get back in the pool, when we heard a man calling out 'whose kid is this?'  I looked over and saw him lifting up the body of 2 1/2 year old girl.  I don't think my heart and mind will ever recover from the sight and then the sounds of that poor mama pleading for someone to please help her child. 

I have hardly stopped re-living this and thinking about it since it happened.  It turns out that the family actually goes to our church.  This little girl is still fighting for her life.  Things are not looking very encouraging right now, but we are still praying and asking God for a miracle.  Would you please pray with us for little Rosalie?  There is a Facebook page where the family has posted some photos and is sharing updates as they can.

Many have asked how my boys are doing and how they responded.  They seem relatively unphased.  As others rallied around the little …


We had a good, but busy and thus tiring weekend!

We are starting on our third month with Micah gone on away rotations and since we didn't get to see him over Memorial Day weekend, it had been almost two weeks since we had seen him and it is definitely starting to wear on the boys.  Last week at supper one night, William looked at me and said, "I really miss my daddy" and then his eyes got really bright and he says, "I kinda feel, think I'm going to cry" and so we all had a little moment where we hugged and talked about how much we miss him and how he is working so hard for our family. 

We had plans on Friday to meet up with Micah in Oklahoma City early afternoon for a little hiking at a park and swimming at the hotel pool.  Fortunately, Micah's attending sent him off pretty early since he knew he was going home, so we were able to meet for lunch and had the whole afternoon and evening ahead of us.  Unfortunately, it was a crazy cold and rainy day which …