10 on 10: June edition

1.  I came across this blog post a few weeks ago and immediately emailed it to my mom and sisters--can't think of anyone I would love to experience that more with! : If only we were all at a place to just up and book that travel!

2.  I read the book French Kids Eat Everything last month and found it really interesting.  It chronicles a family's adventure of moving to a small village in France and the difference between French children and North American children.  I had a hard time, at times, with what I felt were pretty broad generalizations of French culture (things that I know exist, but are not necessarily the norm as implied in the book), but it was a good easy read made even more interesting by our own time spent in France.  Definitely highlights the difference in generally accepted parenting styles between the two countries as well.

3.  My sister sent me this jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's at the beginning of May.  Let me just say, it is ridiculously good.  I will not say how much I have consumed, but suffice it to say that it is excellent on pretzels, animal crackers, or on a really difficult day..a little scoop on some vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a few mini chocolate chips....I am sure that my waistline is going to be thanking me soon.

4.  I spent much of my high school years pretty invested in NBA basketball.  I was a Detroit Pistons fan living in Chicago Bull territory.  My sister was the biggest Michael Jordan (i.e. Chicago Bulls) fan back then and we were known to have to watch the games in separate rooms because we couldn't quite handle the rivalry :).  After I went to college, I didn't have access or time to watch games and pretty much fell out of keeping up with any sports apart from the Olympics.  Until about a week ago, when I realized that the NBA team that plays in OKC was seriously in contention to go to the NBA Finals.  I started watching some games and now am feeling like I could totally be a sports fan again.  I do have to say that basketball seems to have changed quite a bit in the 15 years or so since I watched regularly!  (that definitely makes me sound old, right?)  I also realize that this kind of makes a 'jumping on the bandwagon' kind of fan, but I am okay with it.

5.  In keeping with the sports theme (see number 4), I spent a bit of time this weekend watching the US Gymnastics Championships.  I am super excited for the Olympics this summer.  If only I can figure out a way to hang out with my sister while watching them...

6.  One of my favorite things about the weekends when Micah is home is that he usually gets up first with the boys and makes coffee--there is just something about getting to doze and sleep in a bit on those mornings that feels so luxurious.

7.  The worst part of the weekends when Micah comes home:  about 5 o'clock on Sunday afternoon when we have to say goodbye.

8.  Rosalie is still clinging to life and her family is clinging to hope.  Still praying for a miracle for them.

9.  I can't think of ten actual things this month.

10.  Hope your weekend was good!


Christine said…
That NYC sweets tour looks AMAZING!!! Promise me that I can be a temporary sister and tag along if you do that?! ;-)

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