Almost too many to count

Almost too many to count....that is how many sweet memories we made while my sister and her family were here for the last several days.  I started thinking back over the days last night while I was driving to Tulsa and immediately realized that I needed to get my gratitude journal out and start listing as many as I could because the fun things we did at the beginning of their time here were starting to feel like a long time ago.

I don't have time to list them all out today, but know that I am planning a post chock full of pictures (it just might take a bit of time to wade through them, I just uploaded 322 from my camera and that does not include at least that number from Melissa's camera).

Here are a couple of pictures from before their water balloon fight one night, I kept telling them to change their pose every few seconds, it was kind of hilarious:

And this is one I grabbed from Melissa's blog--they had so much fun at a splash pad we visited one morning:

More to come, I promise!


Vicky said…
So precious! You have me so excited- my nieces are coming next week and my boys will have their cousins too. They get along so well and practically cry when they have to leave- I can't wait!!
Christine said…
It certainly does look like a fun time! I LOVE that last photo... LOVE!

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