Random Tuesday

I have several just little tidbits that may or may not go together, but kind of summarize the last several days.

I spent last week in a teacher training workshop called Great Expectations. It was Tuesday through Thursday from 8-4.  To be honest, I was not super excited about giving up almost an entire week of my summer and I was thoroughly exhausted from getting us all out the door each morning and trying to absorb the wealth of information being given to me.  The nice thing was that at the end of the week, I felt like it was time well spent.  While I won't use everything they taught, I felt like they gave me lots of tools and resources to draw from.  The teacher was excellent and so passionate about teaching and when someone is passionate about something, you can really catch their excitement and be inspired to do something.  And when I walked out the door on Friday afternoon, a lot of my fear and insecurity about being a good teacher was gone and replaced with the confidence that I can do this.

Micah was able to take Friday off because of a weekend worked last month and so he drove home Thursday night.  I didn't tell the boys he was coming and let them stay up to watch the basketball game with me and when Micah walked in the door, their hugs and squeals of joy were priceless.  Xavier literally cried and William just kept saying, "but, it's not even Friday!"

Saturday night, Micah and I went to a wedding for a couple of his classmates.  It was nice to get out by ourselves for a few hours.  When we dropped the boys off at his parents' house, I had his dad take our picture (ignore the fact that the focus is off, this is way better than the first attempt!):

Sunday was Father's Day and we had our local family to our house for lunch.  It was fun with lots of laughs and good food.  I am so thankful for my own dad and for such a great dad for my boys.  I was a total fail on getting a photo of Micah with just the boys, but managed to get one of the dads and sons at least.

Last night, we had a birthday/swim party for my friend Traci's little girl.  It was at the same pool that we were at a week and a half ago when Rosalie nearly drowned.  I didn't realize until last night an hour or so before we were to leave how hard it was going to be to go back to the pool.  I was a nervous wreck and just kept worrying over going back, reliving that day, etc.  The evening was fine, the boys had a great time, and at the end of the party as we were gathering things together, Xavier looked at me and said,  "I am really glad that we didn't have another emergency."  It made me realize that it has definitely affected them too and while I pray that their little minds are protected from the horror of that day, I know that they were not untouched by it either. 

I sure do love these sweet boys:

Bonus points if you can pick out which is which! :)


Melissa said…
Xavier on top and William on bottom.

Brian and I are racing to see who can comment first. ;)
Vicky said…
Yeah- I'm not touching that one - what Melissa says... ha!

The whole pool incidence has undoubtedly left some residual feelings of uneasiness. Hopefully in time it will be a very distant memory for them.

The last two photos are amazing- great work! And yes- smooch-able- both of them!
Anonymous said…
Not fair--I can't see both smiles ;) which would help, but I have no clue--and I'm their grandma!!
You and Melissa both do such great family pictures that we all love!
Thanks for sharing...Love, Gma E.

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