Wednesday's Words

Yesterday, the boys and I went to the playground at the elementary school that is close to us and they decided that yesterday was the day that they were going to master the monkey bars.

Always before they have been scared of the monkey bars and would only attempt if we were right there holding them up.  But yesterday, I was sitting on a bench and I heard Xavier yelling for me to come look because he had made it to the third bar.  The next thing I knew they were trying over and over again until William had succeeded and once William had succeeded, there wasn't much that was going to stop Xavier.  I only had my phone with me, so it is a fairly poor quality video, but it at least captures both of them making it across.  And yes, I totally let them go to the park without their shirts on :)

Right as we were getting ready to come home, Xavier announced to me that he had some big 'goose eggs' on his hands.  Sure enough, he had worn two big blisters on the inside of his middle fingers from his repeated attempts at the monkey bars.  So, I used that as an opportunity to talk about perseverance and how they had achieved something even though it was hard because they kept at it.  Then, I called his blisters 'battle wounds' and that was pretty much all we talked about the rest of the day...his battle 'scars'.  They are at the age of the never ending 'why' questions and so I continued for hours last night to field those questions about his 'battle scars'.  I tried to explain that once you do the monkey bars for a while, you will build up callouses on your fingers and it won't hurt so badly.  William immediately starts talking about how he already has 'mcAlisters' on his fingers and that is why he didn't have to have any 'battle scars.'  It took me a minute to figure out what he was saying, because if you know my boys, you know that if they say something once, then they have said it approximately 314 times in the span of about 5 minutes. 

Another little funny story from this week has been watching the NBA Finals with the boys.  First of all, someone (me) should get some sort of prize for watching a sporting event with two very inquisitive six year olds.  Maybe this is why we should have been watching sports all along with them....  But, during one of the games, the crowds were chanting "De-fense" and William starts chanting along with them "Je-sus, Je-sus....they love God, Mommy!" 

And finally, my two little patriotic boys listening to the national anthem, they sit at rapt attention nodding their head and saying "amen, ah-men..that's a good song" over and over again.  Their Grandma Derby has succeeded in passing her patriotism on to her grandsons.


Amy said…
Those "words" brought a smile to my face, especially Je-sus. Absolutely precious!
Monica said…
Don't know I'll ever hear that cheer the same way again! :)
Melissa said…
Brian and I literally laughed out loud regarding the basketball story. SO funny.
Anonymous said…
Through the eyes (EARS) of a child, and God. How precious!
Gma E

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