We had a good, but busy and thus tiring weekend!

We are starting on our third month with Micah gone on away rotations and since we didn't get to see him over Memorial Day weekend, it had been almost two weeks since we had seen him and it is definitely starting to wear on the boys.  Last week at supper one night, William looked at me and said, "I really miss my daddy" and then his eyes got really bright and he says, "I kinda feel, think I'm going to cry" and so we all had a little moment where we hugged and talked about how much we miss him and how he is working so hard for our family. 

We had plans on Friday to meet up with Micah in Oklahoma City early afternoon for a little hiking at a park and swimming at the hotel pool.  Fortunately, Micah's attending sent him off pretty early since he knew he was going home, so we were able to meet for lunch and had the whole afternoon and evening ahead of us.  Unfortunately, it was a crazy cold and rainy day which nixed all outdoor activities.  The boys swam for a bit at the hotel, which was (also unfortunately) booked to capacity and there was some sort of birthday party happening resulting in a LOT of young teenage girls invading the pool and bringing our pool time to a close.  We did discover an outlet mall and found several great deals, so that was fun. 

The best part though was just being together.  Love how this photo totally captures that:

Saturday was my brother in law's graduation and in keeping with my practice of totally not mastering indoor photos, most of the pictures of the actual ceremony are horrific.  They had a Highlander bagpipe band that played the processional and recessional which was pretty cool.

My brother in law receiving his doctoral hood:

Two doctors and one future doctor:

It was a good day and while we made the day all about David and his family and their milestone, my thoughts could not help but look ahead to next year when it is Micah's graduation.  It is hard to believe that this time next year, we will be watching Micah walk across that stage and receive his doctoral hood.  It has been a long road and the journey is far from over (i.e. 4th year, the Match, and then residency), but God has just been so good to us and I am so thankful for how He has taken care of us along the journey. 

We made it home early evening Saturday and we all pretty much collapsed from fatigue.  In fact, I fell asleep around 8:30 on the couch and went ahead and got in bed while it was still light outside!!  I am realizing how I must have trouble sleeping while Micah is gone because this also happened the last time that he was home.  In comparison, last night it was way past 1 AM before I slept.  

Because of this, we are taking an easy morning, me drinking some extra coffee and the boys with a little dose of Super Why and Dinosaur Train.  At some point, the laundry is desperately needing to be done and we might try to head to the library for some summer programming!


Vicky said…
That first photo really says it all... such a mighty tug on my heart to truly feel the amount of sacrifice on your part, the boys, and Micah's as well. How lucky you all are to have each other - the love you share is palpable!
Anonymous said…
Such an exciting weekend for you all. Great pics!
LaCombe said…
Continued love and Prayers to you and the boys in this long tough alone time, but in the end, it will all be worth it for your family. Praying continually and sending my love. Kathy
Jane said…
I can't wait to wait in line to walk across the stage right behind Micah next year! SO SO SO EXCITED! :)

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