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Two things, or maybe three

1.  The boys and I are in Illinois for the weekend and part of next week and we are super busy loving family time.  My sister Melissa and her family are also here, so the boys are enjoying cousin/grandparent/aunt/uncle time.  Last night and this morning, Melissa, Mom and I went to the Beth Moore Living Proof Live event.  It was totally fabulous.

2.   The Olympics are on. 

3.  I got an email from a friend who works with the jewelry company Stella and Dot (whose jewelry I really love) that they were having a fundraiser for this weekend only for their Tribute bracelet with all the proceeds benefiting Ovarian Cancer Research.

I am actually hosting an online trunk party, so if you are interested in a bracelet or any of their other beautiful jewelry, you can click here. The show will be open for three weeks, but this weekend only is when they are donating the proceeds to Ovarian Cancer Research.

4.  (yes, I know I only mentioned 3 things in the title, but I reserve the right to add to my li…

Second Saturdays

Earlier this summer, the boys and I made a "Summer Fun List" (that I thought I posted, but can't seem to find anywhere, so I will post it at the end of the post).  One of the things on the list was visiting a local museum--the Philbrook--on their monthly free admission day (otherwise known as Second Saturday).  I had heard that it was a great time to take the kids because they have stations set up for them and activities.  So, Micah got up early on Saturday and spent a good chunk of the morning studying while the boys and I lazed around the house.  He came home and picked us up and we went and used a Groupon that I had bought for Ollie's and then headed over to the museum.  I have driven by the neighborhood that it is in countless times but had never actually driven down the street.  It is a beautiful area and after looking around inside and picking up the boys' free art boxes, we headed outdoors to see the gardens and check out the Creature Scavenger Hunt.

it wa…

Let's talk food

I have been planning on doing a food post ever since my sister and family were here.  We tried out a few new recipes while they were here and I thought I would share a few links with you. 

1.  Back when the episode featuring this recipe first aired on The Pioneer Woman's show, Melissa sent me a text saying she was really wanting to try the sausage/pancake on a stick 'thing-ys', so that is what we did while they were here.  They were a pretty big hit with everyone, although it did take a bit more effort than one would think after reading the recipe and watching the show.

2.  We also made this Quinoa Salad with Roasted Tomatoes and Avocado.
I have to admit that a variation of this has been showing up on our menu at least once a week, sometimes twice a week since then.  If you haven't tried quinoa, I highly recommend it.  It apparently is very good for you nutritionally...after I made this salad, Micah promptly looked it up and researched it and told me later that we shou…


I scrapped a little this week, this first one is from when my sisters and mom and I met in St. Louis a couple of years ago for a girls weekend and the second is from my sister's visit last month:

I know that God has brought us where we are, but there are days like today when I desperately wish that Oklahoma were much closer geographically to Illinois and Tennessee.  I would love to be able to have weekly family dinners at my parents' house, to stop by and visit my little niece that is growing way too quickly for an aunt that has only seen her once, to take dinner to Melissa and Brian and pick up their kids for some fun at my house while she rests, and I wish that I didn't have to take a ten hour road trip to see any of them.  But since no good can come of wallowing in my "homesickness" for my family, I am going to choose gratitude and be thankful that my family includes all my favorite people in the world and that I would much rather have a great family that live…

Project 365 catch up

Just a warning, if you are not my mom or a member of my family, you may not care about this post. I was finishing up my P365 for June and realized that I never posted my pages for May.  So, fair warning, this is a whole lot of family stuff!

And let me just add that the beginning of May seems like ages ago.  Also for the months of May and June, instead of my standard interview questions with the boys, I took this idea from my blog friend Christine (who has an adorable little boy, a beautiful blog and she takes stunning photos!) and decided to ask the boys (individually, of course) questions about Micah and I.


1.  We started the month out with Xavier having some sort of stomach bug--he started feeling badly on the way to soccer and he ended up spending the next couple of hours dry heaving--poor baby!  2.  Two books I have been reading that have made an impression.  French Kids Eat Everything--just an interesting library read about the differences in how French and American kids eat…

Happy Fourth of July

Each year, my mother in law writes a play/drama for our church performs on the Sunday before July 4th.  This year, she really wanted her three local grandsons (my two and their cousin who is a year older) to sing My Country Tis of Thee.  William was having nothing to do with that and when Q their cousin heard that William wasn't planning on it, there was no way that he was going to be singing either.  Xavier, on the other hand, was all about it.  So, we went about finding an arrangement and helping him learn the words to the song.  And I have to say, it turned out really really sweet!  He was so calm and collected, everyone kept asking me if I was nervous, but he was so confident and knew what he needed to do that I was able to just sit and enjoy my sweet boy singing his little heart out.  I know that God has great plans for both of my boys and I love to seeing Xavier using the talents God has given him.

Here are the three cousins decked out in patriotic attire to hand out program…

Grand Plans

My sister and her family have been gone for a week now and I still have yet to write up some recap posts.  I will say that we have had some busy days filled with practices for a patriotic play where Xavier sang, play dates with friends, hanging out with Micah (who is home for a few months!), and starting swim lessons--and that is just what the boys have been involved in, I have also had some meetings for school next year as well as a Young Survivor meeting and also the Olympic Trials have been on.

Tonight we are heading to Micah's parents for their annual Fourth of July bash, but my personal plans include editing and posting pictures, scrapping a few pages and throwing in some laundry on the side.

Because Melissa is much more awesome than I am, she has already posted a couple of posts from their trip here, so go check those out at her blog.

As I mentioned in my last post, we made so many good memories that when I sat down last weekend to work through the 1000+ photos that the two …