Grand Plans

My sister and her family have been gone for a week now and I still have yet to write up some recap posts.  I will say that we have had some busy days filled with practices for a patriotic play where Xavier sang, play dates with friends, hanging out with Micah (who is home for a few months!), and starting swim lessons--and that is just what the boys have been involved in, I have also had some meetings for school next year as well as a Young Survivor meeting and also the Olympic Trials have been on.

Tonight we are heading to Micah's parents for their annual Fourth of July bash, but my personal plans include editing and posting pictures, scrapping a few pages and throwing in some laundry on the side.

Because Melissa is much more awesome than I am, she has already posted a couple of posts from their trip here, so go check those out at her blog.

As I mentioned in my last post, we made so many good memories that when I sat down last weekend to work through the 1000+ photos that the two of us managed to take, I found myself thinking..."I hardly remember doing that, it seems so long ago!"   In addition to her pictures from Saturday's adventure to Kiddie Park, I wanted to add these:

The first ride of the night, Camden ended up being too tall and Rory got a little scared, so the boys had to ride the Ferris Wheel by themselves:

I think that seeing the boys have so much fun on the little rides made me want to take them to a big amusement park, so that I could ride the rides with them. Not sure they are quite ready for the big rides or when exactly that will happen though! 20120623-DSC_6746.jpgb
All the kiddos with their tickets: 20120623-DSC_6752.jpg Getting ready to go on the roller coaster: 20120623-DSC_6759.jpg Totally out of focus, but I think it pretty accurately captures the spirit of how much fun everyone was having: 20120623-DSC_6776.jpg I have two little boys who think their cousin Camden hung the moon...this was a pretty common sight throughout the week--Xavier and William hanging on every word that Camden says. The best part for me--Camden is such a sweet, good natured boy and definitely a little role model for my boys. 20120623-DSC_6788.jpg And just to keep it real, there were more pictures than I could count from mine and Melissa's camera that featured our children blurry and all those guys on the other side of the fence in sharp focus: 20120623-DSC_6824.jpg Fortunately, we occasionally got one in focus too! 20120623-DSC_1231.jpg And look how much my little guys have changed since our last visit to Kiddie Park:
 Still come....a splash pad visit and a water balloon fight!!


Annette said…
They looked like they enjoyed the more recent visit much more too! I had to chuckle at the thumbs up with a pouty face. So glad you are enjoying so much family time this summer

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