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Just a warning, if you are not my mom or a member of my family, you may not care about this post. I was finishing up my P365 for June and realized that I never posted my pages for May.  So, fair warning, this is a whole lot of family stuff!

And let me just add that the beginning of May seems like ages ago.  Also for the months of May and June, instead of my standard interview questions with the boys, I took this idea from my blog friend Christine (who has an adorable little boy, a beautiful blog and she takes stunning photos!) and decided to ask the boys (individually, of course) questions about Micah and I.


1.  We started the month out with Xavier having some sort of stomach bug--he started feeling badly on the way to soccer and he ended up spending the next couple of hours dry heaving--poor baby!  2.  Two books I have been reading that have made an impression.  French Kids Eat Everything--just an interesting library read about the differences in how French and American kids eat  Sacred Parenting--the book my ladies group from church is going through that has provided great encouragement and challenges for allowing parenting to shape me spiritually.     3.  The most current Lego Hero Creations 4.  Oklahoma sky at dusk at the local rodeo  5.  Last soccer game of the season  6.  A common sight these days is finding Xavier reading  7. On my way to pick the boys up from school, I noticed the sno cone place had opened and so we walked there after school for a treat

 8.  There was a special Mother’s Day breakfast and chapel and I loved seeing my sweet boys worship the Lord  9.  It always makes me happy when I get a delivery of freshly printed layouts  10.  I arrived at school to pick you up as your class was releasing your butterflies  11.  I took advantage of Starbucks half price frappuccinos and a gift card to introduce the boys to Starbucks after school one day  12.  The three Derby boys walking in the annual Trail Days parade for Uncle David  13.  Celebrated Mother’s Day by having Micah’s mom and dad over and our friends Traci and Garrett and
their girls  14.  It was a beautiful afternoon for a walk and the boys REALLY wanted to wear their costumes and I have a feeling that before too long it may not be ‘cool’ to wear your costumes on a walk
15.  During one of your daily Facetime chats with your daddy, you took the opportunity to read him a book  16.  Your daddy’s birthday and he was in Duncan, so these are the cards you made and sent him  17.  Kindergarten graduation--I don’t think there were two more excited boys.  We loved your sweet teacher Mrs. Blackman.  18.  Traveled to Missouri and stayed at Grandma and pa Hale’s house where you and your daddy investigated some turtles down in the yard  19. This
was your preferred method of celebrating your cousin Katie’s graduation party  20.  Xavier loving
his graduation bear on the way home  21.  I stopped by school to help
with a party and there you were with your reading buddies!

22.  The boys last day of Kindergarten--hard to believe!  23.  The boys headed out of town for a couple days with their grandparents and I had a stress free day of shopping, running errands, and ended with this Whole Foods cupcake watching the American Idol finale!  24.  The boys having a blast at Silver Dollar City with Pa Pa  25.  Two little boys who love their grandparents!  26.  My view from the recliner of the boys playing the Wii  27.  We had quite the Uno tournement and William was cracking me up by playing in his beanie cap  28.  Starting anew on memorization schedule from the Truth and Grace memory book--first up, Psalm 23--William wanted to know why we wouldn’t ‘want’ the shepherd, which led Xavier to ask what a pasture was, to which William replied, “it’s
someone who tells you about God and stuff..” which led to an in depth discussion
and pronunciation practice of the differences between ‘pastures’ and ‘pastors’


29.  We made a trip to Thunderbird Berry Farm with our friends Grace and Olivia to pick blueberries  30. Spent some time reading in the back yard new books from the library.  31.  Had an end of the year cookout with the boys’ soccer team--this was all the boys (and some brothers) waiting for their food!

 1.  We met Micah in OKC on Friday afternoon before Uncle David’s graduation.  We hadn’t seen him for almost two weeks and it had been way too long!  2.  Yay for Uncle David graduating with his Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  3.  We played a feisty game of SkipBo which William was super happy to have won.  4.  We are spending Monday afternoons at the libraries and this week was Dino O’Dell who you both loved  5.  We went blackberry picking with Grace and Olivia  6.  You have been begging to send a photo of a lego creation in to the Lego Club Jr magazine and so that is what we to wait to see if it makes the magazine  7.  Love seeing you get creative
with your bucket of toy soldiers--setting up a battle on the picnic table

 8.  The boys and I were at the pool with Traci and her girls when this little girl almost drowned.  We have spent a lot of time checking the facebook page for updates and prayer requests  9.  Micah and his study friend who recently became Dr. Slajick who came for brunch before she heads off to start her residency in Colorado  10.  We totally hate saying goodbye every week!  11.  An abundance of complaining found William writing a verse about not complaining and it was a good reminder for all of us.  12.  While I was at a workshop, the boys went on a walk with Grace and Olivia and were SO excited about seeing catfish  13.  I attended this coupon workshop at church 14.  We went to Cherry Berry for a fundraiser for Rosalie’s family.

 15.  This was the last of four long days of a teacher workshop Great Expectations.  While the days were long, I felt like I gained some valuable tools for classroom management and a lot of confidence for being a teacher.  16.  Micah and I went to a wedding of some of his classmates--I always appreciate a reason to get dressed up and go out  17.  Father’s Day and the Derby men and their boys at our house for lunch.  18.  Went to a birthday party for the boys sweet friend Grace.  19.  My summertime lunch has consisted of these green smoothies.  20.  We celebrated the longest day of the year by getting shakes at Sonic after church, hanging out at the park until 9 PM and staying up until midnight!  21. We jumped on the OKC Thunder bandwagon and enjoyed watching them in
the Finals...unfortunately, it was the Miami Heat that won the championship this year.
 22.  Melissa and Brian, Camden and ROry came for a visit and you didn’t waste any time getting Camden to read to you.  23.  A visit to KiddiePark in Bartlesville brought so many smiles of laughter and fun--I love this picture that Melissa took of Xavier!  24.  We visited our first “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dive” restaurant--The Rock Cafe in Stroud, OK where the Pixar creators of Cars got inspiration for the character Sally  25.  William and Camden seemed to have an extra fun time together this visit.  26.  Spent the morning visiting the Blue Bell Creameries in Broken Arrow  27.  Look who lost another tooth!  28.  The boys giving it all they’ve got on Just Dance Kids

29.  After two months in a Community Hospital rotation in Duncan, OK Micah was able to say goodbye to Duncan and come home to stay  30.  We celebrated a baby shower for Loren--our hairstylist and also our very dear friend.

Whew!  All caught up.  It has been a busy couple of months!


Christine said…
So many great pages here! This reminds me that I am woefully behind as well...
Monica said…
cupcake it!
listgirl said…
Wow, that's quite the two month wrap-up! I think I need a nap now! So glad Micah's finally home again.

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