I scrapped a little this week, this first one is from when my sisters and mom and I met in St. Louis a couple of years ago for a girls weekend and the second is from my sister's visit last month:

(credits here for both layouts)
I know that God has brought us where we are, but there are days like today when I desperately wish that Oklahoma were much closer geographically to Illinois and Tennessee.  I would love to be able to have weekly family dinners at my parents' house, to stop by and visit my little niece that is growing way too quickly for an aunt that has only seen her once, to take dinner to Melissa and Brian and pick up their kids for some fun at my house while she rests, and I wish that I didn't have to take a ten hour road trip to see any of them.  But since no good can come of wallowing in my "homesickness" for my family, I am going to choose gratitude and be thankful that my family includes all my favorite people in the world and that I would much rather have a great family that lives far away than have family I don't want to see that lives in my town.  (and for those of you who know that my in laws live in our town, I mean nothing against them, it is just that sometimes you miss your own family)


Vicky said…
I can totally feel your "homesickness." It is sooo difficult to be long distance from family. I see my brother once a year- he is 23 hours from us and so is Rick's brother... if we are lucky we see them once a year. We truly do cherish our time with them! You and Melissa look amazing in that photo- so nicely done :) Hugs sweet friend- and prayers for the longing in your heart!

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