Second Saturdays

Earlier this summer, the boys and I made a "Summer Fun List" (that I thought I posted, but can't seem to find anywhere, so I will post it at the end of the post).  One of the things on the list was visiting a local museum--the Philbrook--on their monthly free admission day (otherwise known as Second Saturday).  I had heard that it was a great time to take the kids because they have stations set up for them and activities.  So, Micah got up early on Saturday and spent a good chunk of the morning studying while the boys and I lazed around the house.  He came home and picked us up and we went and used a Groupon that I had bought for Ollie's and then headed over to the museum.  I have driven by the neighborhood that it is in countless times but had never actually driven down the street.  It is a beautiful area and after looking around inside and picking up the boys' free art boxes, we headed outdoors to see the gardens and check out the Creature Scavenger Hunt.


it was seriously beautiful...


here is the view back up toward the house: 20120714-DSC_7364.jpg

and a little bit further down the garden: 20120714-DSC_7368.jpg

Micah trying diligently to figure out where the creatures were hidden while I attempted to figure out my settings: 20120714-DSC_7377.jpg

And me with the boys...this was as good as it got--at least we were somewhat in focus in this one: 20120714-DSC_7382.jpg

After finding all of the garden creatures, we went back inside where they had a huge art room where you could do rubbings of bugs and flowers.

William hard at work:


even Micah getting in on the action: 20120714-DSC_7398.jpg


we thought these paints were really cool: 20120714-DSC_7400.jpg

We actually all came home with some artwork that I think would be fun to frame. Great memory and super fun time at the museum. We are definitely planning to go back!

 Our Summer Fun List: 

We still have a few things to check off, but we are definitely moving right along on it!


thehsmomof3 said…
Im so glad the four of you had such a terrific day. The Philbrook is a beautiful museum, but I've always LOVED the grounds most of all. The panoramic views down to the smallest flower...mmmm...fills my cup. You've reminded me to go back again soon. Thanks!
Vicky said…
I love how intentional you are with your time and planning of things. We have more of a mental list and fly by the seat of our pants, but I wonder if we'd broaden our horizons a bit if we actually made a list? What a great idea!

The boys look like they truly enjoyed the experience and what a great way to spend family time! The place looks beautiful!
LaCombe said…
What a Beautiful, Blessed Family that I love very much! I know I never really got to know you, but these posts make me feel like I do!
continued Prayers and Love to you and your family! When in Florida please let us know and we can meet some where. Have a wonderful Day! Kathy

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