Two things, or maybe three

1.  The boys and I are in Illinois for the weekend and part of next week and we are super busy loving family time.  My sister Melissa and her family are also here, so the boys are enjoying cousin/grandparent/aunt/uncle time.  Last night and this morning, Melissa, Mom and I went to the Beth Moore Living Proof Live event.  It was totally fabulous.

2.   The Olympics are on. 

3.  I got an email from a friend who works with the jewelry company Stella and Dot (whose jewelry I really love) that they were having a fundraiser for this weekend only for their Tribute bracelet with all the proceeds benefiting Ovarian Cancer Research.

I am actually hosting an online trunk party, so if you are interested in a bracelet or any of their other beautiful jewelry, you can click here. The show will be open for three weeks, but this weekend only is when they are donating the proceeds to Ovarian Cancer Research.

4.  (yes, I know I only mentioned 3 things in the title, but I reserve the right to add to my list)  I so wish that everyone had the amazing family that I do.  I can't even begin to express how great it is to worship and learn with my sister and mom, to see my boys laugh and play hysterically with their cousins and run around and play in the yard and barn.  I have just been filled with gratitude over and over this weekend.


Amy said…
I wish you knew how many times I've thought of y'all this weekend. So glad to know it's been wonderful! I'm just a little jealous about LPL! Love Beth and could use one of her"sermons" now. Enjoy the rest of your time together with your sweet family!!

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