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Big Week ahead

Just a quick post this morning asking for a few prayers for Micah.  He has a pretty big week ahead of him starting today with the first part of his Step 2 boards.  (Medical students take Step 1 after 2nd year, Step 2 after 3rd year and Step 3 during first year of residency)  His scores can help or hurt during the audition and application process for residency.  He has put in countless hours of study and preparation and I know that he is ready.  If you have a minute or think of him today, I would appreciate your prayers for him as he takes this 8 hour test.  Then, tomorrow he flies out to Philadelphia where on Wednesday he will be at a national testing center for the second part of Step 2.  He will have to see 12 patients,  will be evaluated via video, and then graded on his interaction with them and how accurately and thoroughly he assesses them.  I have every confidence in him and his abilities, but it is nerve-wracking nonetheless. 

Thanks for so many of you who have encouraged us a…

Beautiful words

It has been an on-again/off-again journey for me reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to Xavier and William. I won't say exactly how long we have been reading this exact book, but let's just say we got off track when they started kindergarten and summer didn't really get us back on track.  I finally read the last chapter to them on Monday night and ended up a weepy mess as I read the last few pages.  There is just something about the way that C.S. Lewis writes that is so achingly beautiful to me.  I get the biggest lump in my throat every single time Aslan comes into the picture.  The boys are used to it, they just come over and give me a hug and a little grin.  The end of this one was just particularly poignant to me and I had to share.
A little context:  Lucy and Edmund and Eustace are getting ready to return to their world from Narnia and Lucy wants to know how to come back:
"'Oh, Aslan,' said Lucy. 'Will you tell us how to get into your country from …

First day

Well, we all managed to survive our first days of school.

I am not going to lie and say that the last couple of weeks haven't been kind of crazy at our house.  I have been sorely neglecting the laundry and house cleaning and cooking in an effort to get ready for classes that started this last week. 

Here are few pictures from the first day of first grade:


William's toothy grin:

The picture they requested last year and this year:

(let me just say that sewing those patches on to their backpacks was much more difficult that I originally thought it would be when we had the grand idea to buy plain backpacks and sew patches on them!)
and together:

I got an email from my principal on Wednesday night encouraging me about the following day and reminding me to take a photo of me and the boys since it would all of our 'first day of school' :

And after a quick hug from my sweet ones, I was off...

Since I teach a first hour class and I have to be there much earlier than the…

I couldn't love them more

We have been home from Illinois for 9 days and only tonight did I finally sit down to upload pictures from our trip--yes, I know, my P365 is going to be a nightmare to catch up on.  I have been watching some Olympics and I realized the other morning as I was getting ready that I kind of feel like any number of athletes that I have seen over the last couple of weeks--you know the ones who walk around muttering things to themselves, staring but not really seeing what is right in front of them, reminding themselves of what they know, what they need to do, mentally checking things off their list--that is how I feel minus the Olympic athlete part.  School starts next week and it is overwhelming ( honestly, that does not really seem like a big enough word) when I think about what still probably needs to be mother got to help me through a minor emotional breakdown earlier this week that, in hindsight, was pretty hilarious.  I am at turns excited and nauseated, but mostly excited..…

Before I forget....

The boys and I arrived home last night and were met by some insanely hot weather (and also Micah who was more than happy to have his wife and boys home!).  We enjoyed beautiful and fairly mild weather while in Illinois and it was like meeting a wall of heat as we drove into Oklahoma.  As I passed the high school right by our house, their sign said that it was 131--those signs always read higher than actual temperature, but that kind of gives you an idea of the misery that is our weather at the moment. 

We have our friends Shane and Joy coming in tonight to spend a few days with us before leaving for France later this month and then I am going to be in full on lesson planning/class preparation mode, so I know that my blogging time will be limited and I just wanted to post a few things here about our trip before life gets too crazy.  There won't be any photos, because I am not going to have time to upload and edit, but mostly I just want to remember.

I don't even know where to s…