Big Week ahead

Just a quick post this morning asking for a few prayers for Micah.  He has a pretty big week ahead of him starting today with the first part of his Step 2 boards.  (Medical students take Step 1 after 2nd year, Step 2 after 3rd year and Step 3 during first year of residency)  His scores can help or hurt during the audition and application process for residency.  He has put in countless hours of study and preparation and I know that he is ready.  If you have a minute or think of him today, I would appreciate your prayers for him as he takes this 8 hour test.  Then, tomorrow he flies out to Philadelphia where on Wednesday he will be at a national testing center for the second part of Step 2.  He will have to see 12 patients,  will be evaluated via video, and then graded on his interaction with them and how accurately and thoroughly he assesses them.  I have every confidence in him and his abilities, but it is nerve-wracking nonetheless. 

Thanks for so many of you who have encouraged us all the way from the beginning, your prayers and thoughts mean so much.

And at the end of the week?  My parents are coming for a quick visit, so all kinds of good things are happening this week!


Anonymous said…
Praying for Micah - know he'll do great! Judy Bailey
I will be praying for Micah today. And, for you, as I am sure your mind will be divided today between your class and your hubby! Yeah for a visit from your parents! Enjoy!
thehsmomof3 said…
I will definitely pray for Micah ss he takes his boards...and peace for all of you this week. Blessings!
Christine said…
Thinking all sorts of positive thoughts!
Darla Yocom said…
Becky, I know both you and Micah will do great w/ your latest school endeavors! You two are so smart and so blessed! Hang in there and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers!
Amy said…
Saw this yesterday morning and prayed right then but didn't have a chance to comment until now. Hope it went well!
LaCombe said…
My Prayers for Micah and for you and the boys! God has brought you all this far and will stay through it all. You are a blessed family and always a blessing to me. Love and Prayers Kathy
theredpumpkin said…
Just now seeing this but I hope he did great! I know you both will rest easier with that behind him.
theredpumpkin said…
Just now seeing this but I hope he did great! I know you both will rest easier with that behind him.

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