First day

Well, we all managed to survive our first days of school.

I am not going to lie and say that the last couple of weeks haven't been kind of crazy at our house.  I have been sorely neglecting the laundry and house cleaning and cooking in an effort to get ready for classes that started this last week. 

Here are few pictures from the first day of first grade:


William's toothy grin:

The picture they requested last year and this year:
 (let me just say that sewing those patches on to their backpacks was much more difficult that I originally thought it would be when we had the grand idea to buy plain backpacks and sew patches on them!)

and together:

I got an email from my principal on Wednesday night encouraging me about the following day and reminding me to take a photo of me and the boys since it would all of our 'first day of school' :

And after a quick hug from my sweet ones, I was off...

Since I teach a first hour class and I have to be there much earlier than the boys do, Micah arranged to go in a little bit late on Thursday so that he could take them to school. The rest of the time, we will all leave really early so that I can get them to Before Care and get to my campus on time, but I was so thankful that Micah was able to deliver them safely to their first day of 1st grade.

I think the boys had a good day, although they seemed more than a little offended by the fact that they only have one recess in 1st grade and there was some lengthy discussion about how long it actually was.
W:  it was like not even 'furty' minutes
X:  no, it was totally and hour and a half
W: nu-uh, it wasn't even 15 minutes
X:  yeah, it was only like a minute long
Anyone know when they learn time concepts?

Here they are telling their cousins (via Skype) about the audacity of 1st grade skimping out on the recesses:


As for me, I had a great first two days. My mom sent me a text Thursday morning that said that she was "praying this morning that your day will surprise you with joy."  And I have to say that it did just that.  I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying myself.  It has only been two days, and I know that there are a lot of days ahead of me, but I am so thankful for the way that God  helped me each and every minute.


Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you have had a great couple of days! And your boys are so stinkin' cute! :) I hope you all have a fantastic year! Love,Tia
Amy said…
Love love love those first day pictures!! I have thought about you so much and wondered how it was going. So glad to know the first couple of days were great! Hope things continue to go well!
Monica said…
love the skype picture and their sense of injustice over one recess! :)
Christine said…
The recess conversation has me cracking up! And I love the first day photos... so cute!
theredpumpkin said…
I too love all the pictures of your boys! Its been so long since I've been able to catch up on all my friends/blogs so its great to hear you had a good first day. I'm sure you are a doing a fantastic job!

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